Especial effects co creates a riot in London

With the new website update online this week, Especial Effects are happy to show off what we have been up to over the last few months creating A riot for the new feature film “Baghdad in my shadow 2018” Director: Samir and writers Samir, Furat al Jamil

if you have any pyrotechnic, explosive, smoke, fire, water effects or electronic gadgets  need making then why not give us a call for a quote

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The rise of content marketing

Content marketing is not to so much about promoting the brand but more about stimulating interest in its products or services. Social media is an integral part of that. High quality content engages consumers and grows your customer base directly where as above the line advertising promotes brands, products and services through mass media.

I’m involved in creating storyboards for content and production agencies more now than ever before and can only see a rise in this activity. Exciting times ahead.

– Steve Langlois, Drawn in Ink

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Part 13 – The Call to Action – Nuisance or Necessity?

“I don’t want to ruin my videos by appearing as ‘salesy’ at the end.”

Hands up if you agree with this sentiment.

Well, it’s confession time: I used to think exactly like that but… it doesn’t work.

Why not?

Let’s backtrack a moment and look at why we have videos on our website and social media properties.

There are two important points here:

First of all, like all good stories, our videos have a purpose, and they also need a resolution. I’ve dealt with the purpose of our stories in another video and blog post. Here, I’ll focus on the resolution of the story.

The second point is, our viewers come to us because they have a problem, and we have the solution to their problem.

But how can we help them solve their problems if they don’t get in touch with us?

The question now becomes:

How can we get our viewers to get in touch with us?

The answer is: We have to TELL THEM TO DO IT!

That is the Call to Action. And this Call to Action is at the same time the resolution of our story.

The Call to Action is not about selling. The Call to Action is about helping our viewers to make up their minds to find out more about the solutions that we provide that can solve their problems.

It is a fact of life that more often than not people need encouragement and frequently not just a little coaxing to actually make up their minds to help themselves. That is what the Call to Action is all about.

There are so many videos that provide great information and really valuable content by people who are excellent at helping resolve their audience’s problems. But most of them tend to forget the two most important elements that bring the purpose of these videos to fruition: namely, to tell the viewer to get in touch and how to get in touch.

The Golden Rule is: TELL THEM!

Tell them in detail what to do and when. Just say it:

  • “Put your name and telephone number into the box below now!”
  • “Call me on this number now!”

And once you told them, don’t take your information away immediately. Leave Your contact details, leave your Call to Action on the screen and let it linger.

How many videos have you seen where telephone number and email address disappear after only a few seconds?

No one bothers to rewind a video just to get this information again. Let it linger, let it stay on the screen for people to have enough time to note down your contact details.

Yes, this is one of those examples where Attention to Detail is hugely important.

In a nutshell: Don’t make it difficult for your viewers to get in touch with you and become your clients. HELP THEM!

That is the purpose of the Call to Action. And it is also a prime example why I keep stressing the importance of Attention to Detail.


This is at the core of my A-Z of Video for Professional Services:

Providing you with the information that empowers you to connect and build trust with your online audience; that helps you get your message right and get it out there with the most powerful online tools available; that helps you come across as a Trusted Advisor on your website and on your social media properties.



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The 5 best ways to measure your marketing ROI

By Jennifer Hall, Lead Forensics

Return on Investment is at the heart of every B2B marketer; any new venture undertaken has ROI as its key driver and ultimate judge in the measuring of its success. This month, we’re keen to focus on that important ROI, and how we as marketers encounter it and use it to further our methods. It’s time to crunch the figures and know where every piece of your marketing stands.

There are plenty of ways to measure ROI, differing from company to company and practice to practice; but some techniques ring true for us all. This blog looks to how we can best practice our use of ROI- why it is so important to the B2B marketing mix and what we should be doing to make the most of the results we gain.

What does ROI mean to you?

Just as every company measures ROI differently, every marketer can gain something different from the result. The ROI Institute describes ROI as comparing “program benefits to cost”, and when measured and used correctly, it “shows not only the success of a particular project, program or solution, bust also provides detail into how the project can be revised to add additional value.”

lead generation ROISo, you need to sit with your marketing department and ask them all- what does ROI mean to you? Only 28% of marketing leaders think they demonstrate the value of marketing efforts internally- this needs to be the first thing to change. To start with, you’ll need to figure out what “revenue” you’re taking into account as “return”, what time-frame you base the measurement of return from, and the departments through which your ROI stretches- does it stay in marketing or extend to sales and onwards?

Your team needs these answers to accurately use your ROI to measure success and implement improvements. Obviously marketing channels differ, so you’ll need to work together in finding a system that works for everyone.

Understand attribution

However you measure ROI, you need to know where these revenue generating leads came from. Some channels, like social media and print are notoriously hard to attribute correctly, especially when prospects call in, or neglect to mention how they found you when filling in a contact form.

29% of B2B companies have no attribution system, and only 27.6% of companies are using their attribution system for the right reasons. This is fundamental when calculating ROI, as using the wrong attribution model will lead to uncertain investments and problems further down the line. You may do a direct mail campaign and see little ROI, however a few weeks later your PPC goes through the roof. Could this be due to DM campaign informing a huge number of people about your brand, to the point where they searched your company and inquired through PPC? If your attribution model didn’t ask this question of your leads then you may cut your DM budget for next year and wonder why your PPC is down!

Understand your attribution, and then you’ll understand your ROI.

Match the approach to the process

There is no one way to measure ROI- especially in the B2B sector, processes differ, and sales cycles often take time. You need to make it work for your process. Take a weighted approach, where you apply more weight to the leads in the latter stages of the pipeline, and less weight to those that have only just entered it. The simplest way of doing this is to count both the leads currently on their buyer journey as well as those considered a closed deal.

By making this change you’ll not only see what marketing channels and campaigns produce the highest amount of revenue, but you’ll also know what channels provide an acceleration in the sales process. If your approach to ROI measurement doesn’t match your process, then you’ll end up making all the wrong investment decisions!

Start at the end

ROI is the end game- it’s the last figure you’ll note down in a report. This can make it seem like an unreachable entity, so it sparks little motivation; change that mentality by starting your process with that end goal in mind. What is your desired ROI (as a minimum) for a specific campaign? Know this figure, and know how you’ll measure it to work out exactly what you need to achieve it. Your ROI targets then become a palpable number that makes sense to you (and if applicable, your team).

Once you know this- it all gets easier. Now we’re talking a language you can apply easily to your channel, you’ll know straight away if that ROI goal is achievable based on the numbers you’re getting at the moment, and if not, what needs to change so you can get there?

Use this technique to plan ahead- what was successful before? Where were your strongest ROIs and where did your best customers come from? Speak to those customers about their initial interaction with your company, analyse all the figures and use this information to draw up your next campaign.

By using ROI like this, it becomes a strategic guide in planning your future. Set internal goals with the numbers you know, and explain to everyone how they lead to the ROI; you need to see this figure as more than just a measurement for success- it’s a guide to success!

Think for today as well as tomorrow 

When measuring ROI, things can get very deep and a little complicated, especially when you’re branching departments, looking into CLTV (customer life time values) and more! The spreadsheets pile up and you produce a number- but don’t know how to use it.

Instead of thinking about the final number, think about today and how you can set achievable goals. Break them up into short term ROI, and long term ROI targets. In its simplest form within marketing, short term ROI is “how many leads did we gain from that campaign today?” vs long term “how much revenue was generated from the leads gained in that campaign?”. When working with a team, this is a great mentality, then they understand the importance of every stage in marketing and sales, including their own input.

With short term ROI- start small, and build it up. When you start on a new project set short term, simple to track targets. Take the result, make changes, and then set a longer term ROI goal. Continue to refine and improve based on how successfully you move along the ROI journey until you’ve got an incredible system. This means a) you can measure the real return on your investment and b) you’ve perfected your system in the process, so you’re stronger now than before.

Use ROI to team up marketing and sales

We all know the benefits. It’s no surprise to us that companies who have teamed up their sales and marketing are 67% better at closing deals. It makes sense when we know that 95% of B2B buyers choose a solution that provides them with relevant content throughout the buying journey, from marketing right through to the sale.

Sales departments benefit from using content and social media in nurturing a warm lead, so teaming them up with marketing means the investment is shared, and the return hinges on everyone utilizing it. When making decisions about investments for the future, you should incorporate sales into the conversation- what leads sell better and why? They might inform you that your PPC campaigns are bringing in the wrong audience, or your social media produced the best leads they had last year. You simply won’t know enough about what investments are guaranteed to bring revenue results without involving your sales team in the discussion.

ROI is a complex value that carries a level of importance for companies everywhere, so it shouldn’t be just another number you file away in a report. Use your ROI to unlock marketing success by learning from its result and considering it in discussions.

Get a 2 week free trial with Lead Forensics

Free guide –  Effective multi-channel models for marketing and sales has plenty more information in about marketing ROI. If you found this interesting, you should definitely give it a read!

Effective multi-channel models for marketing and sales

Part 12 – Did This Get Your Attention?

What is the very first thing we have to do in a video?

Actually, there are 2 things, and I’ll talk about both of them.

The first two things we have to do are GRAB and PAY.

First, we have to grab our viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds of our video.

Why do we have to do it so quickly?

Because, as we all know, viewers’ online attention spans are extremely short, and the competition for our viewer’s attention is fierce.

That is why we have to grab the attention and keep it as quickly as possible. It is simply a MUST.

How do we grab our viewers’ attention?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

We start with a hook, and then we tell a story following the path laid out by AIDA, which is not the opera but the AIDA I talk about in my video.

AIDA is a marketing model for effective communication.

It gives us the sequences of the elements of our story:

  • First, we grab our viewers’ ATTENTION,
  • Next, we awaken their INTEREST in what we have to offer;
  • This, in turn, generates their DESIRE to know more about our solution to their problem.
  • Finally, we end on a CALL to A

For our videos, this is another MUST. We absolutely have to end on the Call to Action because that is where we want our viewers to go with us throughout our story.

It is also the reason why it is so hugely important that we grab and keep their ATTENTION throughout.

After grabbing, what about PAYING Attention?

In our videos, we must pay meticulous attention to detail.

If we are negligent or sloppy, we will reduce the production quality of our videos with potentially dire consequences for our business, service or project.

What is low production quality?

Probably the most important element of a video is good sound. Low production quality means the sound is bad with, for instance, too much background noise.

It can also mean that the image is bad; it could be too distracting, out of focus or not framed properly.

Beyond image and sound, the content could be incomplete, not well thought through or not properly structured for the purpose of the video.

In other words, if the video is just dashed off without sufficient care or consideration for the viewer, then not

paying ATTENTION to DETAIL may not only harm your image but, more worryingly, it will also damage your business.

Would you want to hire someone as a trusted advisor that requires great attention to detail if the first impression of the service provider is that they don’t care about how they present themselves? If their video is sloppily rushed together, hard to listen to and not clear to see?

There are so many videos that fall into this category that, if nothing else, then proper attention to detail will make you stand out from the crowd, that is, stand out from your competitors.

In my series of A-Z of Video for Professional Services, I promise that I will point out numerous traps along the way so that you won’t fail where proper attention to detail is paramount.

My aim is to empower by helping you to get it right: create, present and distribute effective videos. You can see all of my the A-Z of Video for Professional Services on my blog.

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The Power of Social Media in the B2B Industry

Social Media has slowly become a vitally important aspect of any B2B marketing strategy, setting the trend for B2B companies to learn how to personalize and humanize their approaches in order to achieve a successful and lasting relationship with their customers.

Yet as social media platforms continue to prove successful with expansion of tool sets such as marketing automation platforms; there are still some B2B professionals who are refusing to embrace the digital age. Whether this is due to the certain barriers B2B marketers can face when trying to adapt social media into their marketing strategy, or doubting the success social media can bring to their company, these B2B professionals are still hesitant to welcome a new approach.

Due to previous perceived views of social media, B2B companies have unwittingly created barriers and have been slow to adapt to the social media age. But with the right marketing objectives and approach, social media provides an exceptional amount of power to B2B companies when approaching their target audience.

Social media has opened a digital two-way communication between B2B companies and their audience, offering marketing opportunities that previously would never have been possible. So, what are the must dos of social media? It is obvious that used right, social media can provide plenty of success; but what must B2B companies do to overcome barriers they face and ensure they are using social media to its maximum power?

  • Have the Right Mindset
  • Often marketers rush head first into using social media with the mindset of achieving leads. However, your first objective when integrating social media into your digital marketing strategy should be to gain a presence through engagement on social media. A plan to gain followers and build your online presence is step one in the journey to achieving leads.


  • Position your Brand Right
  • Social media can make the most ‘boring’ B2B products interesting. It is all about how you position yourself. Social media platforms allow you to promote your products from any angle, changing your customers perception of the brand. Enthusiastic and frequent posts can position your company as a leader in the market, resulting in a change of perception for your company.


  • Humanize your Brand
  • It is important to humanize your social media activity within your digital marketing strategy. Through marketing automations platforms, it can be easy to lose the personalization of your brand. This can easily be avoided by using the first-person voice when posting updates on your social media platforms, and writing articles. Using a brand front person to tweet and post updates is also beneficial, as it ensures you continue to add your personalised touch to each post or update within your social media platforms.


  • The Power of Social Media Lies in Communication
  • Every update, blog post, image, video and comment is communicating with your audience. Each of these activities can lead to a site visit and eventually a conversion, proving that actively communicating with your audience is vital to achieving your marketing objective. This is why it is important to build your followers online, as while they grow, so does the trust and credibility of your brand.


  • Promote Content Within Your Social Media Activity
  • Promoting your content within your social media updates across all platforms is vital to gaining online credibility within your market. People are always searching for content that interests them, and as such are willing to share this content with their fellow followers. This is a simple, yet essential element of using social media in the B2B industry.

By following these 5 simple tips, you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors and perhaps prove to someone that the power of social media in the B2B industry is real, and happening right now.

For more advice, why not download our Tip Sheet ‘Six Tactics to Maximise your Social Media Advertising Efforts’.


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Part 11: Background – Distraction or Enhancement?

Does it matter where we shoot our videos?


In front of a plain background?

Perhaps something more varied?


Actually, it does matter although not so much where we film but the choice of background for our videos matters.

What kind of background should I choose?

What is the main purpose of our videos?

To get our message across.

Our background should therefore support our message. At the very least, it must not distract from it.

The basic rules, therefore, are:

  • Keep your background simple and uncluttered.
  • Keep it plain if you want to use text to support your messages.
  • If you have a lively or varied background, blur it out so that patterns, text or images don’t absorb your audience’s attention.

We also need to be careful of how we light the background.

  • Don’t stand with the sun behind you. If we do this, we’ll become a mere shadow of ourselves.

Now, there is another type of background that many people tend to ignore:

Background Noise

For instance, air condition, background music, people talking, pets, alarms, sirens, airplanes and underground trains, flushing toilets, running water, building sites, telephone calls.

There is a myriad of sounds that can intrude, distract and make your audience click away because they can’t hear what you say. Don’t forget that the most important part of a really effective video is really good sound.

Should I Use a Soundtrack?

It is absolutely fine to use soundtracks as long as they support the mood of your video and remain discretely in the background. We must not allow it to drown out our voice. That would kill the message.

Finally, here is a tip where to shoot your videos:

If your clients come to see you at your offices, that is where you should shoot your videos.

Because it is your natural habitat, where you feel comfortable, where you are most at ease, and therefore best able to connect with your audience.

Which, in turn, of course, will make them feel more at ease when they come to see you there.

Having said that, why then do I not shoot my videos at my office?

Fair question.

Here are my three main reasons why:

First reason: I always shoot my clients’ videos at their offices. Nobody ever comes to my office. There is, therefore, no reason for me to shoot a video at my office.

Second reason: I sit at my desk facing the window. Shooting from behind me, therefore, is a no-no, even if I swivelled around in my chair, because I would just be blacked out.

Third reason: shooting with the camera in front of the window, facing me, would reveal a background that is far too cluttered and distracting even when blurred out.

That is why I generally prefer shooting my videos in front of a plain background.

Where do you shoot your videos?

Do you have any further questions, technical ones included? Would you like me to cover specific topics in future videos? I’ll be delighted to hear from you. Just click here and get in touch.

My aim is to empower by helping you to get it right: create, present and distribute effective videos. You can see all of my the A-Z of Video for Professional Services on my blog.



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Zoe Ball Sport Relief – Working with Positive Branding


Positive Branding were approached by comic relief to brand Zoe and the teams clothing for her incredible bike ride challenge.

We supplied flock transfers to all the clothing worn throughout the five day 350 mile challenge.  Zoe has raised £1.2 million pounds for charity.

We were glad to play a small part in her brand recognition.




Part 10: What is WIIFM and What Does It Do for Us?

What is WIIFM?

  1. Is it a Non-Governmental Organisation?
  2. Is it a radio station?
  3. Is it a new game for the Wii?

Well, it is none of these.

Being charitable, radio station would probably come closest because WIIFM defines the wavelength on which we have to broadcast our message if we want to be heard at all, if we want it to be received by our audience.

WIIFM stands for What’s In It For Me.

Why do we have to broadcast on this wavelength?

It is a simple fact of life that no one is interested in you or me and what we have to say. Everybody always only wants to know what we can do for them.

If we don’t broadcast on this wavelength, people will click away faster than you can think.

That’s why WIIFM is so important.

What does WIIFM do for us?

WIIFM is at the core of all of our messages, be they spoken or written:

  • It informs the purpose of our message to our audience.
  • And it gives our message shape.
  • It focuses your expertise on our target audience.
  • It defines our viewer’s user experience.

Without it, we might as well not bother.

That’s it.  WIIFM. What’s in it for me?

Do you have any further questions, technical ones included? Would you like me to cover specific topics in future videos? I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

My aim is to empower by helping you to get it right: create, present and distribute effective videos. You can see all of my the A-Z of Video for Professional Services on my blog.







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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Oscar was an original – a witty, accomplished writer and playwright. He was an iconic brand, never mistaken for anyone else. Here are five reasons why your company needs and deserves the Oscar treatment:

Original Spin

Despite the word ‘brand’, no one should ever aspire to be simply one of the herd. You should be out in front, leading that herd, setting standards that make people talk about you for all the right reasons. If you are shiny and new, launching a novice brand can be daunting but invariably, it’s a challenge that should get the adrenaline pumping. Who am I? What makes me special? You need someone to do the solid groundwork. If you are already up and running but need help, you need clear-headed advice on what may have slipped or needs reinvigorating.

Can’t See For Looking

A mirror is a beautiful thing, but staring into your reflection too long may turn you into the mythical pining Narcissus, but it will not give you the impartial distance you need to truly ‘see’ your brand. For example, is the company name strong and original enough, how sharp and distinctive is your logo, your typography, your imagery? Do people find your website bold and easy to navigate or do they flee to competitors in frustration? Remember that the choices you make, the imagery that represents you, will be on your stationery and brochures, an all-encompassing statement of ‘you’. Make the face you present to the world the best it can be.

Where Do I Belong?

Do you know where you are with your company, where you originally aimed to be and where you should be? Strength of position and longevity in brand positioning do not simply happen, no matter how successful companies may make it look effortless. A great deal of work and strategy goes in achieving that position. In a world of butterfly minds and ever-changing tastes and interests, you need to keep people enticed and loyal with inspiring design, a product they must have. Having support and advice takes some of the strain out of a daunting world of putting on events to showcase your brand, or navigating marketing in the mercurial world of social media.

Creativity is The Key That Opens Every Door

Whatever business you find yourself in, constant creativity will always be the best way to build a brand. You need a team around you who truly listen, who are intellectually astute and can think outside the box. Great minds do not think alike, or at least not at first – they can develop interesting angles that you may never have considered, looking at your business as a whole. Taking a holistic approach to your company is an intelligent and lasting strategy, with strategy being the key to life, relationships and ultimate success. A great branding agency can operate across all business sectors, delivering the highest standards within the art and science of brand development.

Iconic Brand is a full service, London-based agency with international reach and has helped the following clients:

Iconic Brand Agency Limited
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How to Make a Big Impact with a Small Exhibition Stand

Size doesn’t always matter; it’s what you do with it. By implementing innovative features and graphics to match, you can create an impressive exhibition stand with as small as a 3m x 2m footprint. So, if you’ve decided on a trade show, don’t shy away if your budget doesn’t allow for a big plot, take away these tips for exhibiting success from your small exhibition stand.

Your exhibition stand is the very first thing that your visitors will see when they interact with your brand at an exhibition. But, big features aren’t just reserved for big exhibition stands – there’s plenty that you can pack into your plot to make a great first impression and, ultimately, engage your visitors.

These three examples breakdown different features and aspects to give you a ton of ideas for your small exhibition stand.


Coil Candy @ Vaper Expo Show 2018 – NEC, Birmingham

Heading to Europe’s leading vape exhibition that attracts the world’s most renowned brands meant that Coil Candy had to go big to attract the attention of a vaping community that was keen to try products and discuss the latest hardware with the hundreds of exhibitors at the show.

Coil Candy and the Quadrant2Design team included a bunch of features that were fit for purpose of the exhibition at NEC, Birmingham.

✔ Branded counter, with open access to shelving at rear and clear windows to front

✔ Fret-cut backlit rotating header

✔ Illuminated showcases throughout, incl. integrated shelving for product display

Perfect for: Exhibitors looking to attend consumer shows and successfully show off their product in an attractive way. The front branded counter allows a platform to “demo” products and to ultimately draw visitors to your exhibition stand, even on a smaller footprint.


Kaptio Travel @ Travel Technology Europe – Olympia, London

Travel Technology Europe is an established show that has run 15 consecutive years. Kaptio as an established brand themselves needed a space that would welcome discussion and questions in a friendly B2B environment.

✔ Bespoke photo-flooring

✔ Fret-cut backlit panel

✔ Double side showcase, incl. custom cut aperture

Perfect for: Exhibitors looking to create an open-plan meeting point for their clients, as well as an accessible beacon for potential clients. The double side showcase gives the smaller exhibition stand depth, as well as the opportunity to merchandise literature.


Zenith @ Employee Benefits Live – Olympia, London

Thousands of HR, rewards and benefits professionals flood the buzzing show floor at EBL to speak to exhibitors. Zenith created a space that was open to allow an influx of people onto the exhibition stand at once, whilst using the key graphics of the exhibition stand to showcase their USPs.

✔ Backlit fret-cut panel on high-level branding

✔ Lockable showcase, incl. the graphic to front

✔ Endcap with arch aperture

Perfect for: Maximising the floor space to create a networking zone within the branding of Zenith, and to capture attention with a high-level beacon. The lockable showcase is perfect for smaller exhibition stands that can’t necessarily accommodate a bespoke storage area, too!

All three of these smaller exhibition stands have a few very distinctive ways of thinking behind their creation to ensure that they pack a punch.

  • Match with the overall objective of the show, e.g. consumer event, B2B networking
  • Incorporate exhibiting features that are eye-catching to visitors
  • A workable environment for staff on the exhibition stand
  • Use strong imagery and graphics to highlight branding
  • Make use of bespoke photo-flooring to tie together exhibition stand design
  • Make the smaller space work for the client, not against

The Quadrant2Design team have designed and built all types of shapes and sizes of exhibition stands, and are well-equipped to support your smaller exhibition stand design with a free design proposal, drop us an email at or call us on 01202 723500 for more information.

by Logan Harrington

This article originally appeared on the Quadrant2Design website.


Event Staff get rave reviews at ICE Gaming in 2018

Last month Event Hosts were delighted to be a part of ICE Gaming 2018, one of the biggest B2B gaming exhibitions in the world, and one of the few events to bring together both the online and offline gaming sectors.

Event Hosts were delighted to supply promotional models, hostesses, brand ambassadors, sales assistants and croupiers to the award-winning gaming event which was held in London between the 6th-8th February.

It was really nice to work once again work with some of our existing clients exhibiting at the event, and we also enjoyed working with some fantastic new clients as well.

All in all, the event was a big success, bringing together 30,000 attendees from more than 150 countries and featuring big names in the betting, casino, lottery, mobile, and online gaming industries.

The online gaming sector is continuing to grow every year with a recent report by industry analysts Newzoo revealing that there are now over 2.2 billion active gamers in the world today.

In the UK alone $4.2 billion was spent on gaming last year, making the UK the 5th largest games market in the world.

It is further estimated that mobile gaming will generate $46.1 billion worth of global revenue this year, an incredible 42% of all global game revenues. More than three-quarters of this, will come from smartphone gaming alone.

Event Hosts represented clients from all around the Globe at this year’s ICE Gaming including England, Israel, China, Taiwan and Italy. We are really pleased with the feedback we received and are proud to announce that we have already had repeat bookings and enquiries for ICE 2019.

Here is just some of the amazing feedback Event Hosts and our staff received following this years’ ICE.

“I would like to say a big thank you to you and Vanessa for all your efforts regarding ICE 2018.”

“Vanessa was a pleasure to work with and I only received positive feedback from the team. Please let Vanessa know that we are very happy with her and want to thank her for her great work over the show, she was a great asset to the team and ensured that the flow of meetings and management of guests ran smoothly. She was truly outstanding.”

“We look forward to working with you at ICE 2019.”

“Thank you so much for your assistance.”

“Thanks to you and your team, we were able to proceed with the event successfully.”

“We will proceed with booking for ICE next year with you guys soon :)’”

“’I just want to make sure you are aware how good our hostess was.”

“Besides being professional, taking orders and helping, she actually managed to bring in good leads to the stand which is something I have never seen done so well before.”

Team Building – The 4 Different Behavioural Types

Our very own team building expert suggests that famous Star Trek characters reflect 4 different behavioural types.

Everyone knows that we all have different personalities, and that we have various likes and dislikes, but sometimes it’s hard to visualize what these differences look like, especially in the workplace. We are all different and there is no right or wrong behavioural style, but if we can better understand ourselves and others, then we can play to our strengths and work well together creating a better team!

Mark Fanning, our very own ‘Trekkie’ and team building expert believes that the Four main Star Trek characters reflect 4 different human behavioural types. Mark, who heads up ACF Teambuilding and Events, says that research has shown that people can usually be placed into four categories based on the sci-fi hit.

The personality types include:

  • Captain Kirk, who is a driving ‘red’;
  • Dr Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, an energising ‘yellow’;
  • Montgomery Scott (‘Scotty’), an organizing ‘green,’
  • Spock, an analyzing ‘blue’.

The show demonstrates how different personality styles behave, and more importantly, how they can work together to achieve great things under stressful situations.

For example, Spock’s logical evaluations often clashed with Captain Kirk’s more emotional style and were frustrating for the sociable Bones, but in the in the end, people from different worlds and cultures all had to cooperate for the common good. We can learn from this to bolster relationships at home and in work.

Arguably Star Trek is one of the most influential and iconic franchises of on-screen and cinematic history, and although it is based on exploring the realms of space and science fiction, it also looks at the human aspect of the characters. Here at ACF we offer MiRo psychometric tests to better understand members of a team, look at their communication styles and talk about how they can work to their strengths.

Mark has watched every episode of the original series and tells us that Kirk’s style, which is ‘red,’ is to want short, sharp facts. People with this personality type take quite a direct approach, which some people find abrupt.

Green Scottys tend to like organisation and routine, whereas Yellow types like Bones are ‘sunshiny’ people, but can sometimes be easily distracted. Blue Spock types have a need for the finer details and can sometimes appear unemotional. However, although we are all different and there is no right or wrong behavioural style, it is valuable to an organisation to recognise that everyone has a different style of working. If we can better understand ourselves and others in our team, then we can play to our strengths and work well together.

ACF organises team building days at venues across the country, including a ‘Space Mission’ challenge which involves building ‘moon buggies’ with ‘radioactive parts’. If the project was operated only by Spock types, then the build wouldn’t move very quickly. Likewise, if it was managed only by Kirk types, then the moon buggy would probably explode!!

It helps to get the balance right with a mixture of people on board. We spend a lot of our time with our work colleagues, so it’s important to be able to trust and respect them. If we have the right tools in place, the workplace can be a much easier place to navigate.

For example, if you understand ‘Bill in accounts’ is a ‘blue ‘Spock type’, you won’t be upset if he isn’t too chatty. Instead, you will better appreciate his eye for detail and facts.

Our own team based here at Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard, practice what we preach. We have a mixture of red, yellow, blue and green behavioural types on the team.

Mark is a ‘’red’ driven type, whereas his colleague Christina Cooke is a ‘yellow’. She is fantastic at making phone calls and chatting to people. Storm Kennedy, who is a sales executive is ‘green’ and is very methodical and organised. Richard Birkett who is also on the events team is a ‘blue’, and his eye for details helps make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Behavioral styles are, of course, less clear cut than in the TV series and most people tend to include a mixture – with one style dominating. Complementary behavioural styles, which ensured the smooth running of The Enterprise starship, can help a team to ‘live long and prosper’ in the workplace.

If you would like to talk about how a MiRo psychometrics can help your organisation, then the Events Team at ACF will be happy to talk to you about arranging a team development day.

Promotional Reusable Drinks Bottles – a savvy promotional gift

Reusable Drinks Bottles will become widely used with the roll out of free water refill points.  With the spotlight on reducing plastic waste and in particular single use drinks bottles, water fountains will be commonplace in all major UK towns and cities by 2021.  We will see a surge in popularity of reusable drinks bottles resulting in branded drinks bottles proving to be a common sense promotional gift delivering daily exposure of a brand, perhaps even multiple times throughout a day.

There are currently 1,600 refill stations across the UK in 16 different towns and cities.  In 2015, Bristol adopted the campaign and the city now has more than 200 points.

It is estimated that if every city resident in Bristol refilled one bottle once a week, the city could cut the use of disposable bottles by 22.3 million a year.  Whilst single use drinks bottles are widely recyclable, unfortunately less than 50% actually get recycled.

The use of reusable drinks bottles is on the rise and will only become ever more popular with the increased number of free water refill points expected to be supplied by shops, cafes and businesses in the coming years.  Providing a reusable drinks bottle to your clients is an excellent way of ensuring your brand is seen multiple times daily not only by your client, but also other prospective client too.  Studies show that promotional gifts that are deemed useful are kept by 55% of recipients for more than 3 years, now that’s value for money advertising!

Complete Business Gifts

01793 487983

The Influencer Content Barometer: Rudy Mancuso, PewDiePie & ThreadBanger campaigns reviewed

As influencer content continues to grow in importance within the marketing mix of the biggest brands in the world, in this special feature, REDPILL, using its ratings system for such content, reviews three influencer videos and assesses the reasons behind their social performance.

Creative – Scores videos across five sub-categories: originality, on brand, creativity, craft and shareability (awarding a maximum of 20% for each, with the sum producing a rating out of 100%).

Exposure – RED_Tech benchmarks video views for similar content on the influencer’s channel and measures over-performance against it. Trending content will score higher exposure.

Engagement – Calculated by dividing total engagements by total views, then measuring it against the average engagement rate for the content category to quantify it as a percentage.

Cross-Platform – Analyses the organic success of a video outside of YouTube through shares, referrals and embeds.

Total Score – Average across all four categories above.

Estimated ROI – Estimated by assessing the overall performance across the four categories, industry ROI benchmarks and the influencer’s average fees.

New Year, New Me | Rudy Mancuso & Stephen Curry

Creative: 90%

Exposure: 60%

Engagement: 49%

Cross-Platform: 30%

Total Score: 57%

Estimated ROI: 6/1

“First name Steph, last name Curry!” You’ll be amazed by how catchy this mega-cheesy song is. I’ve been singing it for the last hour and my life is definitely less blurry; I still haven’t purchased a Brita Stream water filter though.

Hot off last year’s Golden State Warriors final victory, the NBA’s fourth ranking player Steph Curry partners in this video with comedic influencer and ex-vine star Rudy Mancuso. With the start of 2018 fresh in our memories, this timely piece of sponsored marketing sure hits the spot. The ink on our New Year’s resolutions is barely dry, and possibly already illegible, so many viewers are sure to resonate with this video.

Steph magically enters the clip as some sort of guardian angel to help Rudy stick to his resolutions. The promotion of Brita is tactically linked to Rudy’s first resolution to drink less bottled water. The theme and appearance of the Brita Stream continues throughout the video combined with dorky, yet comical dance moves by both Rudy and Steph.

This form of content marketing is highly engaging because it’s not only entertaining and amusing to watch, but the song is incredibly catchy! I dare you only listen to it once; it’s impossible. Brita have certainly nailed their objectives here.

Logan Paul

Creative: 84%

Exposure: 100%

Engagement: 74%

Cross-Platform: 100%

Total Score: 90%

Estimated ROI: 9/1

It has been a momentous week for YouTube, with an unprecedented move in sternly punishing one of its stars Logan Paul for an extremely distasteful video. The clip, featuring a dead body entitled ‘We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest’, attracted millions of views and ended up on YouTube’s #10 trending clips before being taken down. In response, the 59M-follower undisputed king of YouTube PewDiePie released a video lambasting his fellow YouTuber (who has a mere 15M followers). It’s no surprise that 23M people have already glued their attention to this response video considering the two high-profile content creators involved.

PewDiePie strategically picks apart Logan Paul’s video pointing out the stupidity and insensitivity of the now shamed star. He points out the lack of empathy and foresight in Logan’s video which blatantly ignores YouTube’s policy of not disseminating disturbing or disgusting footage.

Influencers like Logan Paul have so much power in these times that it sometimes seem like they can get away with anything. It’s comforting to see that even they are held accountable for unacceptable behaviour. YouTube has now cut its ties with him and heavily penalised his profile, meaning he will be much less visible in search engines than he used to be.

Though there is no active promotion, the description does contain links to the chair and headphones that PewDiePie is using in his video. It’s comforting to see that there are also links to suicide prevention hotlines in the description.

Hopefully the extreme backlash against Logan Paul’s tone-deaf content will be a clear message to other influencers to use their power responsibly. PewDiePie’s video was the appropriate response to YouTube fans who watched the shocking Suicide Forest content. Let’s keep our eyes peeled to see if Logan Paul changes his obnoxious and insensitive behaviour moving forward.

FML We Bought A House – Man Vs House #4

Creative: 70%

Exposure: 72%

Engagement: 60%

Cross-Platform: 2%

Total Score: 51%

Estimated ROI: 5/1

I’ve never seen a clip that made putting up a dry wall look like so much fun. This is a behind-the-scenes insight into the building project lead by husband and wife YouTuber duo ‘Threadbanger’. The snappy edits and well-timed music create a fluid piece of enjoyable content.

Threadbanger’s near 4 million subscribers have the opportunity to accompany them through the challenges of renovating. This is the fourth instalment of Man vs House and it gives a realistic ‘fly-on-the-wall’ view of an exciting life-changing project. It’s interesting because the footage is raw and unpolished, unlike many of the over-produced home development shows on TV.

Retailer Lowes Home Improvement sponsored the video and received significant brand exposure in the middle of the video. The YouTube couple frolic about the superstore squeezing inside washing machines and making crappy puns in the toilet aisle.

Back at their house, Threadbanger put their nail-gun to work and have a fantastic time while erecting dry walls around the property. For anyone who’s ever tried to build or renovate a house, perhaps you’re wondering if the YouTubers cut out the footage of the inevitable delays, stress and anxiety – or maybe these guys just kill their build with no muss or fuss.

REDPILL specialise in creating shareable branded content, delivering strategy, creative, production, influencer marketing and organic distribution, all under one roof. If you would like to see what we can do for you, please get in touch.

The 3 Golden Rules When Choosing Promotional Products

Are you worried about making the same mistakes as your competitors when it comes to choosing the most effective promotional product to market your business?

Are you scared of investing your time and money in a promotional product that does not perform the way you need it to?

Well fear not, I’m going to introduce you to the 3 golden rules of how to choose the most effective promotional products to market your business.

The first thing to remember is that we all make mistakes. If you keep choosing the wrong ingredients, however, the end result will stay the same.

You shouldn’t be surprised, therefore, if your competition slowly starts eating into your share of profits.

So, I hear you cry, how do I choose the most effective promotional products? Well, read on…

Golden Rule No. 1

It’s no. 1 because everything begins and ends with this. I am of course talking about quality.

Your customers will spot a cheap promotional item from a mile away, and this perception will stick to your brand. Do you really want to be known for being low-quality and cheap?

Change your focus from spending as little as possible, to getting the best quality products for your budget.

Spending just that little bit more can make all the difference.

For instance, check out this amazing new Max Brand Bluetooth Speaker.  (

Small but powerful, ergonomically designed to fit neatly on any shelf, seamlessly blending in with its environment and still powerful enough to deliver over 10 hours of playback.

All held together by the toughest aluminium encased in a presentation box with PVC cover.

This Bluetooth speaker oozes quality out of every pore. If your chosen product is not good quality, the recipients will not get a good impression of your company.

Golden Rule No. 2

Golden rule two is usefulness.

Take this Module Fusion Powerbank as an example (

It does exactly what it says on the tin and then some!  Small enough to fit in your pocket and available in five different colours.

Two sides of the Powerbank are covered with soft plastic suction pads, making this product light, durable and portable. The third side can be used to personalise the product with your company’s name.

It can also be used as a phone stand for freeing up hands for note taking.

The aim for your promotional product is to be regularly used by your customer or prospects, so that your company stays at the forefront of their minds.

Ensure your gift is useful and when they need your products or services, they’ll think of you first!

Golden Rule No. 3

The third golden rule is being different. Yes, variety really is the spice of life. Don’t send your customers the same tired gifts everyone else sends them. You need to stand out to be remembered.

For example, this Desk Top Garden Plant ( can transform the dullest office into a living, breathing paradise of greenery.

Personalised company engraving on the side of the plant pot not only offers individuality but also creates a real sense of ownership.

Now that’s good quality, useful and different all rolled into one.

Remember if it’s not different, it won’t be memorable. If it’s not memorable, it’s forgettable and the whole point is to be remembered!

Well the facts are pretty clear to see; the promotional product you send to your customers or prospects has got to be of a good quality, useful and different in order to be effective.

Looking for high quality promotional products right now and would like a bit of free, friendly, expert advice? Click the link, add your details and we’ll get straight back to you.

Win Win Solution to the Coffee Cup Conundrum?

We Brits love a good coffee. What better way to get back into the swing of daily life than with our favourite caffeine fix to sooth the January Blues?

But our addiction to the black stuff, especially in take-away form, is having a serious impact on the environment. According to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, a staggering 2.5 BILLION disposable cups are thrown away in the UK EVERY year! That’s 5000 every minute with less than 1 in 400 currently being recycled.

That’s why MPs are proposing that single use cups should be banned by 2023 and have suggested a 25p “latte levy” on paper cups. They point to the carrier bag tax, introduced in 2015, as successful evidence of the impact a small charge can have in changing our habits when it comes to throwaway items.

Surely the big retailers should be doing more? In a bid to encourage customers to bin the paper cup for good, some of the high street coffee chains offer discounts to those who bring their own reusable cup. This has been done for a number of years without much fanfare, until Tuesday (2nd Jan 2018) when Pret-A-Manger, Chief Executive, Clive Schlee, tweeted they had doubled their discount to 50p per hot drink for reusable cup users. Others such as Starbucks & Costa will give you 25p off, while at Greggs it will save you 20p per drink.

The retailers kindly ask that your reusable cup is clean (seems obvious!) and that it also has a suitable lid if you are taking it out of their shop. (They will let you use an open mug if you’re happy to sit in and enjoy it.) So, what are your reusable cup options?

Lancashire is the home of one the leading manufacturers of multi-use coffee cups. The Americano range, made in Blackpool, is one of the bestselling promotional mugs in Europe, supplied with a lid and comes in three handy sizes to suit most people’s hot drink preferences.

Stephen Ward, M.D. of distributors explained why these products are a “win win” solution to the huge waste problem. “The Americano mugs are great advert carriers for businesses, so they cover the costs, and the advertiser gets a topical and practical promotion. The cups are usually then passed on to the consumer free of charge, who can then also get a discount at most leading drinks providers. The cafes in turn have both a saving on cup costs and much reduced disposal problems. Finally, we are all winners environmentally. Seems like a no brainer to me.” have been established since 1985 and can be contacted on 01772 429111.



The Importance of Integrated Marketing Communications

If we had to pick the biggest, buzziest buzz phrase of the year, it would have to be integrated marketing. Some call it omnichannel marketing, some prefer multichannel attribution, but whichever way you look at it, it’s all about functioning from a single perspective. Putting all your eggs in one basket can have multiple benefits for your business; here’s why we’re loving integrated marketing, and you should be too.

What does ‘integrated marketing communications’ actually mean?

In a small business or start up enterprise, chances are there is one person who is responsible for the majority of marketing efforts. This means that the messages, language and images remain consistent across all channels. This is what we call integrated marketing.

As businesses grow, or in companies which are already larger, there may be several people involved in marketing work. There could be sales teams, online and offline marketing teams, external agencies and more. This can often mean that the marketing message becomes watered down, and consistency muddied by the sheer variety of entities involved.

Bringing things back together, to function as a whole rather than separate parts, is what integrated marketing is all about. Numerous studies have shown that this teamwork based approach can be highly beneficial for a variety of reasons, helping to eliminate confusion and build increased loyalty among the target audience.

Why is integrated marketing important now?

Marketing integration has always been beneficial, but it is becoming more important today than it ever has before. There’s a good reason for this, and it’s all about digital.

In the past, marketing channels were pretty much limited to direct marketing such as phone or post, as well as advertisements on TV, radio and in print. With only a handful of channels to occupy, it was easy for brands to maintain a clear, concise message across all touch points.

But, in the modern world, there are infinite possibilities for marketing to occur, and for it to become confused, messages muddied, and loyalties smashed. Indeed, many brands rely on external agencies to manage various parts of their activities, often with different specialists in place for different outlets. The proliferation of channels for marketing has made it more important today than ever before that we strive for integration, to ensure a clear message at every touch point.

The benefits of integration

Marketing integration is not hard to do, but it can require something of a shift in culture if you’ve become accustomed to a disparate way of working. To make integration work for you, you’re going to need to be committed, consistent and confident it will get results. To help with this, here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect to enjoy when you take a more integrated approach to your marketing efforts.

  • Better results: Traditional, disparate marketing will see businesses and their agencies planning separate campaigns for each marketing stream. Press releases, advertising, sales promotions and direct marketing will all have their own stomping ground, never the twain shall meet. With an integrated approach, however, all the components come together to work as one big, beautiful, shiny machine. The information from press releases is reinforced by articles and blog posts, advertising messages are bolstered by these outlets, and follow up using direct marketing further supports the communication, shepherding leads like moths to a light.
  • Increased efficiency: Being consistent in your messages will not only make the overall impact stronger and more effective, it could save you money too. Images can be created once, then used across a variety of channels. Copy can be perfected, then repurposed for different media. And rather than using a host of different agencies, each with different specialisms, you can opt instead to work with one provider who is an integrated marketing expert. This could save you money on agency fees, and will almost certainly cut the time cost compared to dealing with multiple providers.
  • Boosted brand awareness: Interacting with your customers in a consistent, focussed manner is beneficial for both your brand and the loyalty your audience feels towards you. Creating the same message across a variety of touch points serves to reinforce your messaging, helping the customer to feel comfortable and confident in who you are and what you stand for.
  • Repeated success: Do you think your customers hear you the first time? They don’t. In fact, according to experts, the average customer needs to hear the message seven times before it really gets through. Integrated marketing helps you to reiterate the same message in a variety of different ways, so the chance of having it heard and acted upon is increased.
  • Customer satisfaction: By integrating your campaign, you can be confident that customers will receive the same message, no matter where they encounter your brand. This means you can communicate with your customers to their preference, whether that’s by email, social media or otherwise, and be confident that they are receiving your key messages loud and clear.
  • Organisational benefits: Achieving consistency in communication is always going to be beneficial for any business. It helps teams work together, saves wasted time and effort, and helps to streamline processes so that everyone works better together. By adopting an integrated approach to marketing, you can ensure that teams all function well together, and that there is less risk of confusion between departments, agencies and individuals.

There are many benefits to be had when you start to look at an integrated approach to marketing. To find out more about how this could work for you, or for help in getting started, why not get in touch with us today?

Wow your customers with the seductive power of quality print

For most organisations it makes total sense to focus on digital channels, but print still has an important role to fulfil in building your brand and engaging with your customers. In a world where we’re bombarded with hundreds of email newsletters every week there’s nothing quite like giving someone a printed brochure or receiving a personal mailing.  It’s why fashion houses, car manufacturers and luxury brands still heavily invest in brochures, magazines and direct mail.

Make someone feel special

Receiving high quality print feels like someone has taken the time and effort to get in touch and they’re talking to you personally. It’s tactile too. You can experience the quality of the paper on your hands, browse through the photographs and illustrations. And you can take it anywhere without having to worry if your batteries are going to run out!

Tell a story

Like reading a book, print works best when you tell a story.  That’s something that’s hard to do on a website or on social media where there are often too many distractions. Well-crafted print gives your customers the opportunity to spend time with your brand in the office or at home and get to understand what you are all about without the pressure of a hard sell.

Readers absorb information better

Studies* on students in the US showed that although they preferred to read information digitally and felt they understood more, when compared to a group who studied using print sources, the overall comprehension of the students using print was significantly better.  If you think about it, that’s not surprising.  You can easily re-read and flick back a page, or highlight text in print.

New technology.  New possibilities

Thanks to new printing technology, high quality print is no longer a big budget item. You can achieve superb results on only small print runs using different bindings and paper finishes to create a truly professional product.

Content is king

To get the most out of your print, great content and good design are essential. That’s where we come in.  We can help you tell your story in a way that engages your customers with design that reflects your brand.  We’ll also help you integrate it with your other online and digital content to deliver a powerful campaign.


Andrew Hempleman

* Reading on Paper and Digitally: What the Past Decades of Empirical Research Reveal 
Lauren M. Singer, Patricia A. Alexander   University of Maryland. First published July 21, 2017 

Event Host’s – The highlights of 2017 and a look ahead

2017 has been another exciting and eventful year for us here at Event Hosts.

One that has seen our company continue to grow and take on new clients from all over the world whilst building on existing relationships with some of our very best customers.

Our corporate conference team has been busier than ever this year, helping to support a number of top blue-chip clients with meet & greet hosts, registration staff and microphone hosts.

Over the course of 2017, we have attended some very prestigious event locations across the UK in particular including Old Billingsgate, The Lancaster Hotel and Leeds United.

Our event staff have also continued to support exhibitors at some of the UK’S major exhibition centres including London Excel, Olympia, NEC, London Business Design Centre and The Ricoh Arena.

Some of our event highlights this year have included:

The World Travel Market:

Every year the World Travel Market brings together the biggest names from around the world of travel under one roof to discuss new innovations and trends in the industry.

This year’s World Travel Market was their most successful ever with more than 130 new exhibitors from around the world taking part in what was an electric atmosphere.

The National Wedding Show:

The National wedding show is always a spectacular occasion, one which we look forward to with great anticipation here at Event Hosts.

With exhibitions showcased by over 300 wedding specialists and a show-stopping wedding dress catwalk, the national wedding show is always one of our favourite events of the year.


Taking place at London Olympia in June this year, Infosecurity Europe played host to more than 360 exhibitors and a massive 18,000 information security professionals. This years’ theme was security at the speed of business and the event saw over 250 speakers share their expertise on this very topical theme.


Last but not least, Automechanika Birmingham was one of our top highlights of 2017. This year’s show was 70% bigger than in 2016, hosting over 750 exhibitors from the automotive industry, and talks from over 60 industry experts, confirming it as the UK’s biggest automotive event.

And in 2018 …

We are already taking bookings for 2018 from a number of repeat customers.

Our hostesses and demonstrators are especially looking forward to ICE 2018 in February with great excitement.

ICE is one of London Excel’s most prestigious events of the year, bringing together some of the most prestigious international names from both the on-line and off-line gaming sectors.

Hire Event Hosts for your upcoming event today …

If you’re hosting an event and would like the help of our hand selected and expertly vetted event staff to ensure its success, please contact us or simply fill out the details on our website for an Instant Quote today.

We offer an exclusive portfolio of attractive, highly professional and experienced promotional staff and event hostesses who can greet and entertain guests, engage and interact with potential customers and help expose your brand to the widest possible audience.

From all of us here at Event Staff, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Brand Equity Measurement and Tracking

The Secret to Successful Brands

Understanding where a brand sits in the mind of the customer is essential for any brand owners looking to grow their brand and create successful brand strategies.

Brand Equity is a construct designed to reflect the real value that a brand name holds for its products or services. Measuring your brand’s equity is the ultimate measure of brand health because it drives sales, market share and overall profitability.

Many brand owners mistakenly believe that simply measuring their brand awareness and usage is sufficient to understand the strength and potential of their brand. Unfortunately, this is not the case and does little to help brand owners develop the right strategy. In this email we take a look at BrandVision and how to reliably measure Brand Equity on a more wholistic level.


Measurement And Tracking

BrandVision is a brand equity measurement tool and measures 8 of the most important attributes (KPIs) for ultimate brand health. The key benefits are:

• Easily identifies the right strategy to grow and improve your brand profitability

• Designed for both B2B and consumer brands

• International – readily transfers across countries and cultures

• Provides a single metric for tracking and comparison purposes

• Normative database allows you to compare your brand with others


Vision One’s Brand Equity Wheel is one of the most forward thinking brand equity evaluation tools available – designed to help brands optimise their brand and success. The brand wheel helps brand owners by focusing on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are widely known to have a tangible effect on brand health.

The Brand Pyramid is a powerful marketing tool used to assess the purchase journey of your customers. By mapping your brand you are assessing the strength and weaknesses of your customers’ decision journey.

Brand Values and Meeting Customer Needs

When customers evaluate a product or service, they often weigh up the options when making decision which to choose. Trying to understand this process and how well brands meet customer needs has historically been difficult, until now.

BrandVision explores the most important needs for any category and evaluates how well your brand performs against a unique list of 25 emotional and rational needs. Take a look at a few of our interesting case studies covering brand equity such as; British Airways, Weetabix, GiffGaff.

Introducing Brand Archetypes

Developing a strong brand requires developing a strong brand personality. Just like people, your company’s brand has a personality, which will determine how customers connect with you and whether or not they want to do business with you. Brand Archetypes are important part of understanding your brand personality.

Take the quiz on your brand and find out your archetype!

Great Questions to ask in an events or marketing job interview

It’s sometimes easy to forget that an events or marketing job interview is a two-way process. Any good interviewer knows that they need to sell the opportunity as much as the candidate needs to demonstrate their suitability for the role. Many good candidates however, miss the chance to ask important questions about the job or the company because they feel intimidated or, more often, because they have not prepared.

A good interviewer will have a structured interview plan that enables them to get the information they need to decide if you’re a good match for the position and the organisation. Within that structure they will normally allow you time to ask questions of your own.

Not only is this a great opportunity to make sure you have all the information you need to decide if the job is right for you, critically it also offers a unique opportunity to impress the interviewer with intelligent questions that leave that all important positive last – and lasting – impression.

It will certainly pay dividends to prepare your questions in advance. Half an hour spent looking over the job description and the company website will help you come up with questions of your own about the role, the company structure and so on. But where do you go from there? What questions might also give you the edge?

Here are a few questions that will help you stand out. They look wider than just the role, and delve deeper into the reality of the opportunity, and its context. Spend some time thinking them through and considering how you might adapt them for your next interview. They will demonstrate an intelligent approach to your interview and show you are serious about the opportunity.

What would you say are the greatest challenges in the role? 
This question gives you a deeper insight into the role and also helps you understand the employer’s expectations. It also demonstrates you are up for a challenge if you ask in a suitably enthusiastic fashion!

You’ll need to be prepared to respond with some ideas of how you’d respond to the challenge though, if you do ask this question. If the greatest challenge is, for instance, managing a difficult team, if you can honestly say you’ve turned around a poorly performing team in the past, you will stand out. Or if you can say, that’s just the sort of challenge I am looking for, then it all adds to making the right impression.

How did you (Mr/Mrs interviewer) get to your position/role? 
This question can help build rapport and, because we all like talking about ourselves, helps to fix you in the interviewer’s memory.  Most people get a positive buzz from being asked about themselves – so it’s all to the good!  It can also give you deeper insight into how careers can progress in the company. This sort of question is great if it is a more junior role, as it shows ambition and a keenness to learn, and is also great for account management roles, as it nicely demonstrates your interest in clients and people generally, and building rapport is key to these types of role.

What are the company’s future plans?
Your research will have given you a good idea of the company’s history and what it does now, but you can also demonstrate your interest in taking the company forward.  If you’ve picked up a bit of news about future plans you can build on that. For example, “I see you’re about to launch a content division. How does that fit into your wider plans?”

This not only gets you useful information other candidates might miss, it also shows you’ve done your homework, and are thinking about your next role – the role they are looking to fill – for the long term.

What kind of person does well in this organisation? 
The answer to this question will tell you a lot about the real culture of the organisation. You might fear that the company is very straight-laced and corporate but this question could reveal those people who build empathy and cooperation do best.

This will help you decide if the organisation is right for you and gives you guidance on the kind of values you need to demonstrate to progress.

Is there anything we haven’t covered?  
This catch all question gives you a great chance to fill any gaps from the interview. There are several variations you can use; one useful example is “Are there any important areas where you feel I haven’t fully answered your questions that I can review with you now?”.

What are the next steps?
This is superficially an ‘admin’ question but it also demonstrates you are still interested in the role at the end of the interview, and that you are someone who is organised and thinks ahead. The information you get here will also help to manage your expectations and leads nicely into the end of the interview.

A final word of warning

Don’t take over
You don’t want to leave the interviewer feeling frustrated that they haven’t got all the answers they wanted, so make sure they’ve finished their questions before launching into yours.

Wait to be asked if you have any questions but if the interview begins to draw to a close and you haven’t, you should politely request the opportunity. In the unlikely event of the interviewer saying no, for no good reason, you probably have all the answers you need.

At Regan & Dean, before any of our candidates go for their interview for that all important Events or Marketing job, our Consultants always spend the time to make sure you are thoroughly briefed and to support your preparation – be it handy hints, the inside track on what this interviewer looks for, or general confidence building practice and support.

So, if you feel you’d like to work with a team who give you more than just a job spec, and you’re looking for your next events or marketing job, get in touch now or register for our job alerts here.



Recruitment – Central London

The power of social media and why your company should be using it

Social media is a minefield for even the most creative of people. The platforms are growing all the time, and it’s not just about Facebook and Twitter anymore, there’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google + to contend with.

We’ve already touched upon the importance of keeping your company’s social media pages relevant and updated, but often getting started and understanding what you should be doing is what businesses find the hardest.

As PR specialists, Vantage is here to help. We create a bespoke strategy that will help to generate leads and keep your business up there with its competitors. Important things to remember are:

  • Measure your brand awareness – Sharing content across social media will get more traffic going to your website. Interacting with publications and customers who may have thousands of followers will get you noticed in the right places.
  • Don’t spread yourself to thinly – Choose the platforms that are right for you and do them well. Be organised, well informed and consistent with what you do, and consider posting content in advance to save yourself some time.
  • Keep it personal – Be friendly and build yourself an approachable online presence that will keep visitors to your profile engaged. More engagements = more social reach and ultimately bigger exposure.
  • Paying for social media adverts and boosts are also a great tool for posts you want to get noticed. They are inexpensive to create, you can set your own budget and it will get your content in front of more people.


Social media is your online voice, and is ultimately one of the first things that come up when customers search for your business. If you aren’t up to date, don’t respond to your followers and are just too busy and overwhelmed by the many platforms and features available, then let Vantage take the strain.


If you would like more information on how we can help boost your business’ social media platforms then get in touch with one of our team today at

Royal badge manufacturer secures £1.2million investment

Royal badge manufacturer secures £1.2million investment from Frontier Development Capital – L-R Graham Mold (FDC), John Bancroft MBE (Badgemaster), Paul Bevan (Mazars)


A Nottingham-based manufacturer of bespoke name tags and badges has received a £1.2million investment from Frontier Development Capital (FDC). The deal will see the business pursue further expansion plans, including welcoming new director Ian Bradbeer FCMA to the existing management team.

Established in 1992, Badgemaster produces around 250,000-300,000 badges each month for more than 30,000 customers, with approximately 5million people wearing its badges every day. The business has delivered products for clients including Harrods, Selfridges, Waitrose, John Lewis, Boots, Nandos, Thorntons, Virgin Atlantic, O2, Centre Parcs, Costa, Easy Jet and Premier Inn. In 2006, the firm was awarded the Royal Warrant for its work supplying badges to the staff of the Royal Households, achieving worldwide recognition.

Five Ways To Say Thank You To Clients This Christmas

Christmas is the season of goodwill, giving and saying thank you to family, friends and customers.  The British Promotional Merchandise Association ran a promotional products week campaign in October this year, stressing the importance of “thank you” in creating memorable business relationships. People you know well, who appreciate your services and who provide your regular supply of business, can be your advocates in the new year ahead. Give them something relevant, practical and exciting to remind them, to tell others about you and expertise. Here are five fabulous, high perceived value, promotional products that every business should consider using to help get themselves on the road to more recommendations, referrals and repeat busines

The Prestige Promotional Pen

To make an impression at Director level then a plastic biro is not going to do the right job. However, a bit of gift boxed exclusivity can become a very desirable gift from brand names like Waterman, Cross or Parker, promoting a memorable, emotive response from the recipient. Engraved with a discrete reminder of your business, a pen such as the Parker Urban Premium Ballpen can become a cherished gift for life. See the range of Parker pens available for branding at


The Perfect Pocket Notebook

With smart phone battery life being unreliable, and many people finding it quicker and more convenient to take notes, the pocket notebook is seeing a resurgence in popularity as a practical business gift. To cut the mustard with a senior buyer though, then a premium brand can ensure retention and use by your key contacts. The Moleskin brand is that famous touch of luxury that can make high quality, real “must have” gift. You brand is in your customer’s pocket or on their desk for repeat exposure and reminder of what you can do for them. Moleskin notebooks are available in a range of sizes, many colours and with hard or soft covers, to create something to target your key contacts. Check the promotional range here


The Top End Travel Mug

For key executives on the move, particularly in fields such as outdoor events, construction and engineering, then a travel mug will put your brand in their hands. Contigo is a leading brand offering excellent design, ease of use and large print areas to cement your services in a client’s memory. The Byron model with Snapseal technology will impress even the most demanding of contacts. Why not ask for recommendations, referrals and reviews as you had one over? Find out more about the range here


Wonderful Water Bottles

There are many variations of the sports water bottle available as printed gifts but again Contigo have the executive version designed to impress. To keep the busy executive refreshed, the Ashland water bottle with Autospout technology offers a premium practical product with all the qualities to impress your customers. This is a great way to say “Thank you, take care of yourself, we appreciate your business.” Again the large print area puts your brand in their hand for a long time to come. Check out the Contigo Ashland here:


A Beautiful Business Bag

Christmas is also a time to say thank you to key staff and you can promote team spirit at the same time. A product such as the Capital Laptop bag can make people feel appreciated, valued and promote loyalty in the coming year. A practical and desirable accessory that sees your logo go everywhere with your team when visiting clients, networking and commuting. Key IT customers may also appreciate this useful thank you gift. Find out more here



Whatever way you choose to say thank you to your customers, business gifts can be the catalyst to future interaction. They create goodwill in the moment of giving, they hang around until a need for your service arises and you can highly target who you give them to, so there is little or no wastage of your precious marketing budget. So start the road to more referrals, repeat business, reviews and recommendations in 2018 by showing your appreciation for this year’s business this December.


Stephen Ward is happy to add quotes and further explanations. Call 01772 429111, email or visit:




How to Create Successful Video Content – Stand Out in the Crowd

Video content is slowly marking its place in the B2B sector, with more companies each day integrating video into their marketing strategies. With the popularity and benefits of video becoming apparent, competition is quickly becoming fierce between companies in the B2B sector, who are using video as a strategy to build relationships with their online audiences.

But with this growing competition, it brings forward the issue of how any video content can stand out from the crowd. So, how do you ensure that your video doesn’t become background noise? Or gets lost in the sea of video content?

Well to begin, your video content should have a strategy. You need to know where your video is going, who it is targeting and what is the message. Without these key elements, it is almost guaranteed that your video won’t stand out from the crowd.

It is no secret that creating original and interesting content can be hard, and with so much content to choose from, it’s hard to tell where you should start. But sometimes, the answers to these questions are easier than they seem. We’ve broken down our approach to three key steps to show how a thought-out strategy provides successful video content:


1)  Choosing your content

  • Look through your previous content, and determine which content isn’t clear, or hasn’t achieved the engagement or leads you were hoping for.
  • Next, check there is a high demand for the topic of your video. If customers don’t find your video relevant or interesting, they will be less willing to watch, learn and participate.
  • Make sure your video content is recognisable to your brand. It is important that your video is clearly associated with your brand. Using your company colours is a good way to make sure your video content not only stands out, but helps your customers recognise you.

2) Respect your Audience’s Base of Knowledge:

  • Often videos make the common mistake of assuming their audience’s need to know everything about the product and their brand.
  • Understanding your audience’s knowledge is key to considering the type of language you use. It is important to talk with your audience, rather than down to them. Create your video as showing how the product feels to use, rather than every detail of how the product works; How-To videos are often suggested as content which provides your audience with a lot of value.
  • Respecting your audience’s base of knowledge is key to ensuring you don’t commit content overload (A key problem viewers face) and makes sure your audience stays engaged.

3) Know What You Want to Achieve and Attract your Audience’s Attention

  • So, you’ve chosen your content, you know the approach your video is going to take. Now, how do you gain your audience’s attention?
  • First, you need to know what you want your video to achieve. Is it informing your audience about a new product? Gaining new leads? Promoting a new service?
  • Once you have your set goal in mind, the decision arises of the best way to attract your audience’s attention.
  • Building a personal connection with your customers over time, is a good way to form relationships, ensuring you begin with a circle of supporters when releasing new video content.
  • It is also suggested that videos with a dash of personality, especially featuring human faces, are more likely to grab a customer’s attention, as they include a vital human connection which the audience can relate to.


So, there you have it, the 3 (almost simple) key steps to creating a video which can stand out from the crowd. Although they are the basic things to consider when creating video content, these three stages will point you in the right direction and help narrow down how to create video content that is original, compelling and most importantly successful.

Why Not check out how we present our Four-Step Process at Napier through video

In The Club – Knice Creative / Tesco Case Study

Initially starting out producing edits from previously shot research footage – Knice Creative quickly expanded through the organisation, including projects such as producing a personalised statement video for Tesco’s Clubcard members along with self-service till animations and other internal comms films.

Through development and careful planning, Knice Creative works collaboratively alongside clients and teams to bring projects to fruition creating successful partnerships and being a trusted, go to source for solutions.

MCH will be at The Business Show this November

We’re delighted to announce that we will be at The Business Show at Olympia London on the 16th and 17th of November, check us out at Stand 1424!

Europe’s largest Business Event is coming to the Olympia, London on 16th-17th November featuring 350 exhibitors, 250 seminars, 170 interactive masterclasses, Google’s Digital Garage and much much more. Make sure to register for your free ticket now

You can order tickets for the show here

Healthcare Communications: 5 reasons to consider Metaphor of Action

Planning a Mode of Action project? Here are 5 reasons to consider Metaphor of Action.

When you want to demonstrate how your science works then Mode of Action (MoA) animations can be a great way to do it. Realistic and highly finished 3D visuals can even bring to life processes that have never been seen before by the human eye.

But as this medium becomes more widely used, MoA animations in some busy therapeutic categories are starting to lose their freshness and we’re now seeing a growing need to innovate the way we communicate MoAs.

One alternative is the ‘Metaphor of Action’ (MPoA). Communicating with a metaphor is a great way to disrupt an established category by telling the same story with different words and pictures. If anyone has been exposed to the UK Ad scene recently, you’ll be forgiven into thinking the population has gone animal mad. However, the cats, dogs and meerkats promoting brands provide excellent and engaging shorthand to communicate a range of complex messages.

Metaphor of Action follows a similar principle. By stepping-away from literal visualization we can often make our messages more proprietary and more accessible.

We’ve shortlisted 5 reasons we believe the approach could grow.

  1. MPoA can make complex messages quicker and easier to understand by referencing examples from life or technology that tell a similar story.
  2. Complex processes can be summarised in a way that a broader audience can understand (e.g. investors).
  3. MPoA is a disruptive approach and by design can cut through congested therapeutic areas and becomes more memorable.
  4. With greater memorability, branding is enhanced and you can develop and own a unique visual language.
  5. MPoA can give you a strong theme that you can extend across a range of communication materials.

Of course, MoA (in its purest sense) will remain an effective and well-established currency in the industry. But at the beginning of each new project it’s got to be worth challenging ourselves to see if we can create something new and different to stand out from the crowd.


Beaconbrands Health is an award-winning healthcare communications agency. For more information, visit us on E-mail to see how we can help bring your science to life.

Element’s Top 10 Christmas Incentives

Christmas incentives are a great way to engage, inspire, amaze and drive sales.

From the 12 days of Christmas and advent calendar themed incentives, to Rudolph and Santa, our team are ready to turn festive cheer into results for your Christmas promotions, giving your winners the VIP experience.

Here are our most popular festive prizes and incentives so far for 2017…

Meet Santa in Lapland

Our top festive incentive each year is the chance to visit the big man himself, with amazing bespoke prize trips to meet Father Christmas in Lapland!

From underground grottos and reindeer-pulled sleigh rides to Elf School activities and private dinners with Santa, there’s no better way to bring a smile to your winners’ faces.

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to Lapland, we’ve previously arranged festive trips to some of Britain’s best grottos, pantomimes and other winter attractions too!

2017’s Top Gifts and Gadgets

With the new iPhone release just weeks away, and Apple Watch 3 also on the horizon, there’ll be no shortage of cutting-edge gadgets to create the perfect Christmas incentive bundle this December.

Drones, GoPro action cams, virtual reality tech and new games consoles are also popular must-have gifts for 2017.

Looking to drive sales for family audiences? Throw in some of the year’s hottest new toys for the perfect gift bundle for any age range!

Woman wrapping a present to illustrate gadgets and gifts for Christmas Incentives | Element

See New York’s Christmas Lights

From Times Square and Broadway to Central Park and the Empire State Building, New York at Christmas is one of the most magical prize destinations in the world.

See the Rockettes perform at Radio City Music Hall; strap on your skates at the Rockefeller Center; make a head-start on your Christmas shopping on Fifth Avenue; and visit Santa at Macy’s!

Great for families and couples alike, add a dash of festive magic to your December incentives with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to this magical prize destination.

A scenic overview of the hustle and bustle of the holidays at night beneath the magnificent tree in Rockefeller Center to illustrate New York Christmas Incentives | Element

Christmas Dinner by a Private Chef

For a unique and exclusive winter incentive, why not take the stress out of Christmas dinner for a family of lucky winners, with a private chef to rustle up a festive feast?

Guaranteed to take care of everything – from turkey and sprouts through to mince pies and figgy pudding – this gourmet expert will leave your winners with more time for family fun, and less time slaving over a hot stove!

Winners can work with their private chef to create a bespoke festive menu; your Christmas prizes sorted with no hassle!

Family Together Christmas Celebration to illustrate private chef Christmas incentive | Element

Luxury Christmas Market Breaks

Europe is home to the world’s most magical Christmas markets, making it the perfect destination for a December incentive!

From traditional favourites such as Vienna, Bruges and Hamburg to lesser known destinations like Zagreb and Trondheim, there’s nothing like a Christmas market to get your winners feeling festive.

We’ve got great December deals on luxury hotels, private tour guides to show guests the best winter sights, and a wealth of restaurant recommendations for hearty Christmas fare. Just pick a destination and we’ll get cracking!

Colorful Christmas decorations and glass lanterns on a Parisian Christmas market to illustrate Luxury Christmas Market Breaks christmas incentives | Element

Flying Home for Christmas

Here at Element, we love making dreams come true, especially during the season of goodwill! And what could be better than reuniting long-lost family members for an unforgettable Christmas together?

The perfect heart-warming festive prize campaign, our Element Elves will get to work booking flights, trains and taxis to bring one lucky winner home for a family Christmas. Keen to capture this magical moment?

We can organise photographers and camera crews to record the emotional reunion for an unforgettable Christmas campaign video too!

Airplane is taxiing on the airport in winter to illustrate Flying Home for Christmas Incentive | Element

Festive Gourmet Hampers

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a selection of indulgent food and drink, so why not treat your lucky winners to a festive gourmet hamper?

From Champagne and fine wines to indulgent truffles, pates, cheeses and chutneys, kick off the festive season in style with a mouth-watering prize or incentive.

Looking for a bespoke Christmas hamper to showcase your own product? We can create tailor-made hampers and gift baskets themed to your brand; perfect for a memorable festive gift!

Festive appetizer with foie gras, cranberry chutney and jelly to illustrate Festive Gourmet Hampers Christmas Incentives | Element

Christmas Shopping Breaks in London

Christmas incentive trips don’t need to break the bank; a budget-stretching weekend break in London is always one of our most popular festive prizes.

From afternoon tea with Father Christmas at Hamleys to ice skating at Somerset House, from pantomime at the Palladium to personal shopping on Oxford Street, London offers everything you could possibly want in a destination for your Christmas prizes.

Women with Christmas presents and decorations to illustate christmas incentives | Element

Christmas Lunch on the Orient Express

With Murder on the Orient Express due out in cinemas this November, what could be better than a delicious Christmas lunch on a luxurious 1930s-style train?

Perfect for premium Christmas incentive ideas, treat your winners to a taste of Golden Age glamour with stunning views of the winter landscape while tucking into a sumptuous menu of traditional Christmas favourites.

Train image to illustrate Christmas Lunch on the Orient Express Christmas Incentives | Element

Festive Vouchers and Rewards

We have great relationships with retailers across a range of sectors and industries – from high street favourites and top restaurant chains to e-commerce sites and activity providers – so why not treat your winners to a gift card or voucher of their choice this Christmas?

Ideal for offering flexibility, enabling winners to pick their own festive gift or experience, we’ve got the perfect incentive solution for any target market or audience!

Close up of the hands of a woman with polka dress holding a black card with red ribbon above knees to illustrate Festive Vouchers and Rewards | Element

With less than 100 days to go, it’s never too early to start thinking about festive rewards and Christmas themed incentives!

For more information, visit us on or get in touch via or +44 (0)20 8871 9959. We promise to bring a touch of magic to your Christmas campaigns!

The top email marketing templates for B2B teams

By Jennifer Hall, Lead Forensics

If you work in B2B sales and marketing, then email is likely to be one tactic you simply cannot live without. Indeed, 73% of B2B marketers say it is essential for growing their business, while 59% cite email as the most effective channel for generating revenue.

And while it may appear straightforward on paper – write your message and press send – the art of crafting amazing marketing emails that really work is anything but.

You need to get every element spot on if you’re to be effective. That means choosing the most appropriate email format for the target audience and the goal you’re hoping to achieve. Then crafting some killer copy that pushes the right buttons.

Whether you want to open doors and generate new leads, nurture prospects along the buyer journey, upsell or cross-sell to existing customers, or simply to keep in touch and maintain relationships, there are many choices available to you.

We’ll run through the secret of using email marketing successfully, as well as some of the common traps to avoid and what the top email templates are for B2B marketers.

What do all B2B marketing emails need?

While there are loads of different formats that your email marketing can take, there are some key elements that will always need to be thought about:

  • A clear goal for the email
  • An enticing subject line (as that’s how you’ll get your email read)
  • Personalization (use names and avoid any generic statements)
  • Compelling content
  • A strong call to action (one or two)
  • Clear contact details
  • Branding (it needs to be in line with your company brand and feel)
  • An unsubscribe button

For more in-depth advice on this, check out our: ‘Email campaign cheat sheet


Why is personalization so important?

The answer is simple – personalized emails have a higher open rate. The more tailored you can make your emails and their content, the more likelihood there is they will be effective. And that means doing more than simply addressing an email to someone by name.

We’re all bombarded by information all the time and from many different sources. To stand out from the crowd and avoid your emails being instantly dismissed as spam, the content needs to be relevant. An obviously generic mailer, especially if any part of it is completely inappropriate to the individual reading it, will instantly put them off.

You need to show that you know and understand them. For example, imagine you received an email where your name was spelled wrong and it was trying to sell you a product that you can’t even use. Firstly, what impression will that give you of the company, and secondly what are you going to do next? – exactly, nothing.

5 common traps to avoid with your B2B marketing emails

There are also some major no-no’s that can see any email campaign sink or swim. Make sure you don’t fall into any of these traps:

1. Cut the waffle – Get to the point. Outline what the key messages are that you want to say before you start writing (including the call to action). Skip the long words too and never use 10 if 5 will do. Time really is precious and attention spans are short.

2. Avoid using jargon – Make it easy and understandable for your audience to read. Never assume they know what you know, no matter what industry you are in. If they can’t understand it they won’t continue reading it and they definitely won’t act on it!

3. Make it about them not you – If you’re talking about yourself all the time, reeling off all the reasons you’re so great and pushing how good it would be to work with you, then your audience will soon be turned off. It should never be about you, it needs to be about the audience and what they need.

4. Don’t overload – It can be tempting to try and fit in as much as possible, but even if you have loads to say and share – don’t! Trying to squeeze in too much will weaken your message and the likelihood of a positive outcome. Be clear from the start what the email is specifically designed for and what you want the result to be.

5. Don’t overdesign it – Make sure that the design of your email isn’t making you lose the power of your messaging. It may look great but does the design distract, does it interrupt the natural flow, does it mess up the format when read on different devices and will it annoy people by hiding key points?

The top types of B2B marketing emails

There are many reasons why you may want to send out an email, and each purpose will often require you create a different type of email.

Here are some of the most popular ones, as well as some you may not have thought of but which could help make your whole sales process even stronger:

Lead generation emails

We’re going to give these a mention here, as many firms still automatically think of email marketing when they consider how they’re going to generate leads.

Traditionally, companies would have done this by buying in a list of contact details and hitting it with a generic email, in the hope of opening some doors and tempting one or two buyers to get in touch. But it’s a tactic that’s unlikely to generate much of a result nowadays.

Your time would be far better spent working on highly personalized email nurturing campaigns, or some of the other email marketing tactics we’re going to cover in a minute.

For more ideas on generating leads, see: The best B2B lead generation strategies for 2017 and beyond

And if you are going to try ‘cold emailing’, then see: What’s the best cold email marketing strategy? for some more pointers.


Blog subscriber emails

Content marketing goes hand in hand with email marketing. Your blog could become one of your most effective lead generation tools. When you’ve generated some new contacts through your lead gen activities, using new content emails is one way to keep building the relationship and showing off your expertise.

When you upload a new blog post or other content to your website, also create an email to share it with those contacts you think will be interested. There are no hard and fast rules about how often you should be sending out this type of email, as long as the content itself is top quality and right for the audience it is sent to.



Every company newsletter takes considerable time to put together and will often be used to shout about the latest company achievements and developments. The problem is, who is really going to be interested in that? It’s never going to be a lead generator for you.

However, newsletters do have their place within the marketing mix and can be useful for maintaining relationships with stakeholders, employees and certain customers. The trick here is to make sure you have a well segmented list. Don’t just send out a newsletter to your full database.


The ‘thanks for subscribing’ email

If anyone signs up for your blog or newsletter, then make a fuss of them. Don’t just send them a ‘thank you for subscribing’ automated one liner. Instead, use it as an opportunity to cement your budding relationship and create a great impression.

Be friendly, keep it short and be careful not to try and cram too much in. Maybe flag up a webinar you have coming up, or highlight some of your most popular blog posts. Anything you think they may be interested in. You may be pleasantly surprised how much extra interaction you generate just by working on this part of the communication chain.


Attend our event

One of the best ways to land sales is to get face to face with buyers and to get them together with current customers. That’s where events come in and with them, many opportunities for email marketing. Encourage buyers to register for your event multiple times before the event itself. Don’t be afraid to be creative here. Use different types of content and share it through email, such as a short biog of any guest speakers you have attending, or videos from previous events. Keep your messages highly targeted and of course make sure you include the event details, like when, where, the benefits of attending and how to register.


Follow up email

There are many occasions when you might use a follow up email. For example, after you’ve held your event. In this case, it’s always advisable to have your follow ups drafted and ready to go, well ahead of the event happening. You’ll want a few different versions, including one for those who attended, and one for those who couldn’t make it.

If you met a contact at the event and discussed something in particular with them – especially if you promised to send them more information, or something specific – then make sure you always keep to your promises. And don’t leave it too long. Keep up the momentum while they remember who you are.


Generating referrals

The best way to secure new customers is through referrals and recommendations. Emails should factor into your strategy here, as a way to try and drive new business from existing customers and brand ambassadors. Send out something of value that can be shared, such as an offer or a mechanism that encourages people to sign up for a free trial.


Case studies

Case studies are a great way to prove your expertise and show your product or service in action. A happy customer is a powerful thing and so is being able to show your solution solving a genuine problem – especially if you can use a case study to demonstrate a complicated process. As ever, be selective who you send it to, to ensure it gets in front of the right audience. In the copy, focus on the customer and how they benefited from your solution, rather than the technical details, to avoid sharing any trade secrets.


Special offers

From time to time you may wish to promote a special offer to a segment of your database. Make sure the offer is highly tailored and will be of value. Include details for how to take advantage of the offer, what they can expect and make the next steps very clear.


Of course, if you’re using email marketing you should never think of any email in isolation. Have a plan. What’s the sequence that will kick in after you’ve sent your email out? Some may just slot in to your existing plans, but others may need a workflow of their own.

For example, what happens if you get a referral in – how are you going to respond to the lead but also the person who referred them to you? Map everything out from the beginning.

For more advice on email marketing, you may also like:

Marketing to the modern B2B buyer

Get an Exclusive No obligation Free 2 week trial with Lead Forensics with MCH

MRM Releases the Boost!

Multi Resource Marketing (MRM) based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire teams up with award winning pioneers in energy drinks Boost Drinks to create an on bottle campaign “Release the Boost”.

MRM worked hard with the Boost Drinks team to source the most appropriate prizes for Boost’s target audience… Fun-loving, savvy millennial, always looking for an experience. The competition includes three stages, an instant win offering a mix of cash, cinema vouchers and amazon vouchers, a prize draw of a £2,500 Virgin Gift Card and a final chance draw of a Zip-line experience in Snowdonia with a Go-Pro to give you life long memories.

The on bottle competition was launched on 18th September and is already growing well in the number of entries, which is not surprising with 3 bites at the cherry and over £25,000 worth of prizes up for grabs!

The Boost Drinks team come from humble beginnings and have excelled in their creation of energy, isotonic and protein drinks by putting their customers at the forefront of their thinking. Ambitious and innovative they are always concocting new “pick me up” recipes so keep your eyes peeled for new arrivals on the shelves of your local convenience stores.

To find out more or to enter the competition simply click on the link below:

Established in 1993, MRM is an independently owned marketing services provider based in Leicestershire, England. With strong industry links via the Institute of Promotional Marketing, the company provides both digital and physical (fulfilment) marketing campaign support to some of the UK’s best known brands.


Interested in running a similar campaign for your brand then get in touch:

*     * Tel:01858 414 761     * Twitter: @MRMPromoSupport


Atlas Translation: How Translation Can Help Your Business

We meet a lot of people at business shows and networking events, who’ve never required language services before. Some had never even heard of what we do, or considered that there could be such a thing as the ‘translation industry’. It’s always interesting to watch their faces change, as we explain what we do, and how our services help other business grow, as they reach that ‘Eureka’ moment.

It’s completely reasonable to be unaware of the existence of language services, or indeed the value that they can add to your business. The role of translations in business is usually viewed in the same way as petrol is for your car – a necessity purchase that is not needed unless unavoidable.

Someone who’s never been pressed into looking into language or translation services could be forgiven for having this attitude. After all, what use could languages be to someone whose business is conducted entirely in the UK, in the English language?

Broaden your Appeal

Firstly, take a look at the UK. Figures released in 2012 showed that 12% of primary aged schoolchildren speak English as a second language. That’s around 1.1 million people who, almost five years later, are on the verge of becoming potential customers for your business. The 2011 census indicates there are over 6 million UK residents who don’t speak English as a native language. In 2015 it’s been forecast that we had 34.4 million overseas visitors spending £22.0bn. This figure was predicted to rise to £22.9bn in 2016.

Clearly a large customer base of non-native English speakers exists in the UK, so how about trying to appeal to these people? One key way to do this, is to speak to them in their own language, and here’s where we can help. By translating your homepage, or some of your product listings you instantly forge a connection.

It’s not just getting people to understand what it is you do/offer more quickly either. Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes and imagine being a non-native speaker in another country. It can be a lonely, even intimidating experience. So when someone makes the effort to reach out to you in a way you understand, it’s a big gesture, not to mention the priceless feeling of familiarity they will draw from reading your message in their own language.

Taking this first step is relatively inexpensive, and you’re more than likely to receive a return on your investment. If you’re worried about then dealing with enquiries in languages other than English, then we can set you up with the tools to handle these. A 24/7 telephone interpreting account instantly grants the capability to converse with anyone in any language.


Then there’s the rest of the world. If you’ve never considered exporting your products/services, then perhaps now is the time to look into this. While the economy in the UK is predicted to weather some hardships in the next few years, other economies are expanding. British businesses have a global reputation for quality, and you can make the most of this by exporting to some of these growing economies.

Even if you are a small business, you can try selling overseas on sites like Amazon to test the waters. We have helped numerous businesses with this process and can do the same for you. Translating the details of your products is a cost effective way of appealing to a broader market base, and if successful, we can provide ongoing support for your business.

Expanding Opportunities

In a nutshell, language services can broaden your appeal to a wider base of consumers, and present more opportunities for your business to expand. So if you’re one of those people who viewing language services as a necessity purchase, perhaps it’s time to think differently. Instead of looking at translation as the fuel you’re forced to buy to get where you want to go, how about seeing translation as the road which can take your business to exciting new destinations?

Get in touch today to see how we can help your business grow.

Call us today on 01727 812 725 or email us at You can also chat with us live (during usual business hours) using the Live Chat box right now. This is a great way to chat with a real person and Atlas and get a good idea of price and timings for your translation work.

GKPR promotes QSC 50th anniversary

Glen King PR have devised a PR/marketing plan for their long-established client and independent retailer Queenstreet Carpets & Furnishings (QSC) based in Alphington, Exeter, who are celebrating 50 successful years as a family-run business.  The PR and marketing plan includes the creation of a ‘Golden Ticket’ competition to run throughout the summer months of July, August and September to increase ‘likes’ to QSC’s Facebook page.  Each Friday throughout the campaign a winner is announced for a £50 voucher and they will go back into the main draw for the chance to win the ultimate ‘Golden Ticket’ at the end of the competition.  The PR mix included creation of press releases, social media and digital marketing as well as focused advertising. The Glen King PR team together with Associate Partner, Becky Millington of Inky Fox, used their joint expertise to generate a successful campaign, which culminates in early October with the drawing of the ‘Golden Ticket’ winner who will receive a £500 voucher towards the cost of a new sofa/ chair or bed they can choose from the extensive range of products in store at Alphington or Topsham…  Our close working relationship with the local media, meant that QSC are gaining extensive promotion with editorials/ advertorials and advertising as well on-line social media.  This together with GKPR taking all press photographs and creating a video of the two family members, brothers Mark and Gary Dixie being interviewed on the sofa in-store, reminiscing about how their Mum and Dad started the business, has ensured that the brief is being fully met.

The Golden Ticket free prize draw is running throughout the summer months, for the chance to win a £50 voucher every week and an overall winner for a £500 voucher towards the cost of a new sofa, chair or bed will be drawn at the end of September. All in keeping with the companies ‘Golden Anniversary’. To enter like and share Facebook, or visit in-store at Queenstreet Carpets & Furnishing Alphington, or CASA in Topsham. Full T&C’s on

Glen King, director – Glen King PR said: “Our innovative consultancy team has worked tactfully to effectively promote the launch of this significant 50th milestone celebration – from the initial launch press release through to the social media campaign of The Golden Ticket free prize draw.  The draw has added value by raising the profile of Queenstreet Carpets & Furnishings to existing loyal and long-term clients, as well as new ones and increased footfall through social media, on-line and in- store with active participation.” She adds: “It’s always a pleasure working with this well-respected family owned business, who we have been helping for over 10 years.”

MRM Launches a Brand New Identity

Market Harborough based Marketing Services business MRM (Multi Resource Marketing Ltd) has launched a new brand identity following a full review of its previous branding. With the appointment of new Managing Director Marc Rigby at the start of the year, the business undertook a number of internal workshops to help understand the critical components of its operation and define how it wants to be seen in the market.

Marc Rigby commented, “We are proud to be able to announce the launch of our brand new logo. We’d like to think this identity captures some of the core elements that make up our business – process, digital, flexibility – as well as using a colour pallet that conveys energy, purpose and a greater sense of modernity. With the logo now in place alongside a revised mission and vision, our next task is an overhaul of our website which we hope to complete before the summer’s end.”

The new identity is only a change of branding. The legal entity as a business remains unaltered as Multi Resource Marketing Ltd.


Established in 1993, MRM is an independently owned marketing services provider based in Leicestershire, England. With strong industry links via the Institute of Promotional Marketing, the company provides both digital and physical (fulfilment) marketing campaign support to some of the UK’s best known brands.

Contact for further information: Marc Rigby, Managing Director , or Julie Townsend, Marketing Manager or call 01858 410510.  Web:, Twitter: @MRMPromoSupport

Volvo XC60 & Barbara Davidson in a World-first by REDPILL London

Renowned photographer and artist Barbara Davidson has utilised the on-board safety cameras of the new Volvo XC60 to create a special collection of photographs, capturing life on the streets of the Danish capital Copenhagen from a fresh perspective.

Davidson’s photographs were first exhibited at Canvas Studios gallery in London’s Shoreditch this week and the exhibition will travel to other countries during 2017.

A multiple Pulitzer Prize-winner, holder of an Emmy Award and a former staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Davidson chose to work with Volvo Cars based on her own history with the brand.

She said: “I have a very personal connection with Volvo Cars. When I was a teenager I was involved in a serious road accident where the car flipped over which, in normal circumstances, would probably have proven fatal. I was told later that I had survived because of the car I had been travelling in – a Volvo.

“The collection does two things. Firstly, it is a snapshot of European city life in all its glory; secondly it also highlights the complex environments that we live in. It is thanks to the cameras and other on-board sensors that cars like the Volvo XC60 make modern city life safer for pedestrians and other road users.”

The campaign and online engagement strategy was created in collaboration with REDPILL and Mindshare, following the success of prior collaboration, ‘Prologue’.

Liam Corrigan, director at REDPILL, said: “It’s fantastic to be involved in a uniquely creative campaign that has an important road safety measure at its heart. It’s the type of content that our influencers and their audiences genuinely care about.”

The content is already trending in the UK and France, with activations running in wider Europe.

Empica produce new documentary on WW1

Jeremy Banning, Martin Powell, Clive Burlton & Lisa Marley with a WW1 bugle


A West Country public relations agency has produced a documentary film showing how the region’s families are uncovering the stories of relatives from the First World War.

Empica, based in Long Ashton, near Bristol, premiered the film to a specially-invited audience at the Everyman Cinema in Whiteladies Road, Bristol.

Called “Not Forgotten” it follows a group of people as they make a coach tour of the battlefields in Belgium and France searching for information about their relatives 100 years on.

The film focuses on the personal stories and how what happened during the war impacted on families.

Martin Powell, Managing Director of Empica, said: “Because of the way people consume their news and information on telephones, tablets and computer screens story-telling through film and video has become increasingly important.

“We invested in in-house video production so that we can produce short films for our clients, but this is the first time we have produced a full-length documentary.”

Empica videographer Lisa Marley filmed and edited “Not Forgotten”, which follows the stories of the relatives of three men who were killed in the First World War as they uncover the past with the help of military historian Jeremy Banning.

Most of the documentary was made in Belgium and France during a weekend tour of the battlefields organised by Bristol-based author and historian Clive Burlton and Bakers Dolphin coaches.

As the weekend unfolded the relatives discover the graves of their relatives, learned about their role in the war and found the places where they were killed in battle.

The film is now set to be shown as part of Bristol’s continuing commemoration of 100 years since the 1914-18 war.

Empica’s video unit has recently produced a short film for Bookbarn International on the setting up  of the Darwin Rare Books Room by William Pryor, Great Great Grandson of Charles Darwin; a promotional video for the new museum at the New Room, Bristol and for tourist attraction Wookey Hole Caves.

Further information:

Temperature Gauge Cards make ideal useful promotional gift that the client will retain

Temperature Gauge Cards make an ideal promotional product, they are lightweight so can easily and cheaply be mailed out.  They come in the below formats: 125mm x 85mm rectangular or house shaped; logo bug holding miniature thermometer; credit card size or the novelty bath water gauge is 70mm x 65mm and comes in choice of three shapes, duck, frog or whale.

They are digitally printed in full colour so can be as colourful as you like for no additional charge, you can really go to town with some eye-catching artwork.  They are supplied with self-adhesive pad and magnet to the back of the card so have the versatility to be applied to fridge or cupboard door.



They make superb promotional items for multiple industries including heating engineer, energy company, local authority, baby products supplier, supplier of products to senior demographic, insurance or any other company that sells to households.  Being so useful the promotional temperature gauge card will most likely be retained by the recipient and attached to fridge/cupboard/pin board ensuring the branding is in front of prospective clients on a daily basis, giving a lower cost per impression that many other forms of advertising.

Guide price 50p-76p each depending on quantity ordered and available in 2-3 weeks.


Business Gifts & Promotional Items – South West


Urban Rescue Therapy comes to you


Urban Rescue Therapy offers corporate onsite massage for all corporate events, product launches, workplace wellbeing and private parties.


“At Urban Rescue Therapy, we cater for all types of events, from Corporate Massage-in-the-Workplace, Product Launches, to private parties.


We work with you to provide tailor-made packages to suit your requirement, using professional therapists who are specially trained to deliver powerful micro-treatments at a pace to suit you and one that Onsite Massage requires.


Our range of corporate massage treatments are guaranteed to revitalize your workforce, and whether a full day or half day, our therapists will develop a routine that will specifically target your event’s requirement.


Our therapists will come fully equipped with massage chairs, set up efficiently within your designated area, and treat at a pace to suit, whether that’s for a revitalising 20 or 30 minutes, or if you prefer your team to experience a taster, we can develop a powerful 15 minute micro-treatment that will guarantee to get at the heart of any issue.”


Massage / Pampering at Events – Central London


Alma De Ace Appoints QMS Pick & Pack


Alma De Ace Lifestyle Clothing Brand has appointed QMS as their preferred Pick & Pack Order Fulfilment service.

Sebastian Agace, Managing Director at Alma De Ace said, “QMS contacted me directly, offering their Pick & Pack order fulfilment services and it quickly became apparent that they understood my needs to take our brand to the next level. They also have relevant sector knowledge as they provide similar services for other Clothing retailers”

John Giles, Managing Director at QMS said, “Everyone at QMS is excited to have Alma De Ace as a client, we understand that online retailers have to maintain their service levels whilst growing their business. Our Pick & Pack fulfilment services give back to our clients that precious commodity, time, enabling them to concentrate on growing their business”

QMS understands the pressures that online retailers face and offers a full support Pick & Pack fulfilment package to make sure that there is no compromise in the quality of fulfilment and that customer expectations are always met.

We ensure that the key aspects of secure storage, Pick & Pack excellence, strong communications and systems free up our clients up to do what they do best, developing their business rather than being increasingly tied to operational issues as their business grows.

With a 10,000sq ft. monitored 24/365 secure warehouse based just off the A3 in Guildford, the QMS Pick & Pack service can offer the following to any growing online retail business:

  • Easy systems integration – scalable and flexible, quick set-up and management
  • Ability to fulfil single orders, consignments and pallets
  • A wide understanding of many different market sectors and product types
  • A comprehensive range of competitive postal and courier rates
  • Experienced and dedicated operations team ensures a quick and professional service

To find out more about our Pick & Pack fulfilment service solution and how we can support your online retail business get in contact by emailing us at or call +44 (0)1483 863 300 to speak to one of our team.



Drawn in Ink share storyboard of Sky’s new F1 ident for 2017

I recently storyboarded Sky’s F1 ident for the new 2017 season entitled ‘No more one horse race’. Shown are the actual frames and the equivalent stills from the shoot. Also a behind the scenes link can be seen on how it was shot. It was a great job to be involved in and a good opportunity to brush up on my horse drawing.

– Steve Langlois, Drawn in Ink


Watch the behind scenes video here :



Camberwell offer a glimpse of studio life

We often get asked what we can do in our studios and it’s rare that something comes up that we haven’t seen here in some form or another.

Like most months February and March were busy and varied in both studios. Here we describe just some of the jobs we have helped out with in order to provide a glimpse of what you can achieve in our fabulous studios.

The best way is to show you in the words and links below.

Meet The Adebanjo’s

Once again we welcomed our favourite pan-African TV sitcom producers Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi the creators of ‘Meet the Adebanjos.’ They were here to film some greenscreen in our smaller soundproof studio 2.

The show tells the story of an old-fashioned Nigerian Dad’s struggle to instil his African values in his black British household. –

MTA is mainly broadcast on free to air TV across Europe and the African continent since 2011. It was recently ranked as the number 2 sitcom in South Africa and so far they have made 50 episodes over three series.

Most if not all of MTA has been filmed in south London. It’s a tribute to the determination of the indie film-maker. We’re glad we have been able to help a little along the way.




Bonzie Music Video

Once again we worked with Director Rob Chandler who once again was making a video for American artist BONZIE., see the last video they made together – As The Surface Rose (Official Video). We helped out providing a small team of DoP, 1st AC, DIT and sourcing a Jib and crew.

We cant tell you what we filmed but it involved A LOT of time in make-up, greenscreen and this ….

From across the pond!

Three days earlier we helped co-produce a job that was about 180º different from the Bonzie Job as is possible.

The Director flew in from the US to film participants from the UK. They were filming a TV panel type show where Doctors talked about some specific issues. The show is put together for US Pharmaceutical Astellas and made available to subscribed Doctors and clinicians.

Our role was to recruit the crew of DOP and three cameras, sound for five, DIT, build a set, organise all the lighting and set up three 50” confidence monitors for the panellists. This show also marked the first time we had seriously tested the extensive acoustic improvements we have been making over the past few months.



Jazz & Blues TV

Here’s a good thing – good music!

Jazz & Blues TV were in to film a pilot episode for their planned online TV show. They used the studio in a simple blacked out configuration with a few lights and the simplest of sets. Here’s a photo.

As we say – Nice Music indeed.



We always try to be FUN, FRIENDLY & FLEXIBLE.

020 7737 0007


How to hire the very best booth staff to achieve exhibiting success!

BoothStaff (1)

  by Lee Ali – Founder/Managing Director of Expo Stars expo

Engaging visitors and creating a positive first impression at exhibitions is a fine art, and when executed badly can have a huge negative impact on the exhibitor’s ROI.

One of the most effective ways to attract and engage visitors at exhibitions is to outsource external booth staff from a specialist talent or staffing agency.

This process can either be an excellent investment helping Exhibition and Marketing Managers meet their ROI, or it can be the making of a bad nightmare, producing next to nothing for your hard-earned marketing dollar and causing you endless tension during the exhibition.

Based on our extensive experience of staffing over 3000 exhibitions worldwide since 2007, we would like to share with you the key criteria you need to consider, to select the right people for the right tasks, and manage them effectively during the effect to help you get the most out of your investment.

Please note that we use the term “booth staff” to collectively describe Booth Hosts/Hostesses, Brand Ambassadors, Spokesmodels, Narrators, Presenters, Emcees, Lead Generators, Sales Staff, Crowd Gatherers and Interpreters/Translators.


Choose the right staff agency to work with:

As an Exhibit Manager, it is important that you shop around and get the best value for money staffing option available, to meet your budgetary requirements; however, quality must not be compromised for the cheapest quotation. Going for the low cost option can often prove to be very expensive in the long term.

To select the right agency, you should be asking the following questions as a very minimum before settling on the agency to work with you:

  • If an agency is offering a very cheap rate to you, imagine what the agency will be paying their staff? Are the staff going to be motivated to work at your stand for an amount sometimes less than minimum wage?

A well-paid booth staffer means that they are motivated, happy and willing to go the extra smile to help you achieve your objectives.

  • What is the agency’s staff selection process? Do they give you any options to choose the staff or do they send whoever is available on their database?

Always ask to see profiles of available staff and if necessary ask to interview them by telephone or even Skype video to determine if they are the right people to help you meet your objectives.

  • How many people do they have on their database and how do they recruit them? An agency that claims to have 20,000 people on their books does not always have quality measures at the top of their recruitment policy.

It is worth asking the agency what their recruitment criteria is so that you can determine if the quality of staff is important to them versus the quantity of their staff database.

  • What is the agency’s back-up policy if the selected Promotion Staff go off sick or they do not show up?

A good agency will have an account manager on standby during the event to find you a replacement within a reasonable timescale should any emergencies arise.


Select the right staff for the specific tasks you need doing on the stand.8

Exhibitors often make the mistake of selecting booth staff for their looks and first impressions based on their profile photos and images. Taking time to check staff credentials closely and interviewing prospective candidates can help you choose the right staff to fit in with your company brand, your internal staffing team and your objectives and key tasks.

There are four key tasks that can be executed by external staff at any exhibition stand are:

  • Hospitality
  • Proactive Attendee Engagement
  • Product Demonstration /Presenting.
  • Data Capture

As you would do for internal company recruitment, determine what kind of person you are looking for, what their role/objectives will be at the event and how they will work with your team. Communicate this to your selected agency and ask them to find you the candidates that fit your selection criteria.

The key criteria you need to consider before selecting your booth staff:

  • What kind of experience and qualifications does the candidate have?
  • If it is an international event, do they speak the right languages?
  • Does their physical appearance complement your brand?
  • Have they worked in your specific industry sector before?
  • What kind of personality do they have?
  • How long have they been working for that agency?
  • What was their previous feedback from any exhibition type work?


Book well in advance

If you are booking booth staff to deliver a marketing message and increase the footfall to your stand then why leave such an important task until the very last minute? If you want to execute a successful attendee engagement strategy, then you need to start preparing at least 3-4 months in advance.

By booking booth staff at the very last minute, you will have a limited number of staff choices, the staff will not have time to prepare, and you risk no-shows as there might be communication issues between you, the agency and the respective booth staff.

All the best staff are booked 2-3 months in advance. The very best professionals are booked 6-12 months in advance. So, get your orders in early!


Provide appropriate staff training and briefing before the event.

To achieve positive results from booth staff you need to prepare them accordingly in line with your exhibiting objectives.

When you hire external staff, you need to provide them with a clear schedule or briefing document that contains clear objectives and tasks.



  1. This schedule or briefing should be communicated to all selected staff at least 7 days prior to the event.
  2. Schedule must contain detailed information about onsite contact names, dress code, objectives, job roles, exhibitor USP’s, any promotions at event and your expectations from the staff. If there are scripts to be learned, then you should send these at least 1 month in advance.
  3. Make time for a training/briefing session with your team 1 day before or a minimum 2 hours before the show starts. For presenters, you should arrange a rehearsal a day before the event.
  4. Make the sales information simple and clear to understand– try to focus the booth staff on asking qualification questions to visitors to find out if your services are relevant to them, and give them 3-5 USP “Wow” statements to communicate to visitors. The key is to engage visitors in conversation qualify them and move them on to the next stage of the sales process.


Effective Onsite Staff Management

The key to a successful day on the show floor is to ensure that you manage the promotional staff on the stand in a motivational manner and create a positive working atmosphere. Just because they are external agency staff doesn’t mean that you can shout at them, demean them, linger at them, try to chat them up, or be just plain rude to them. They are people too, with feelings, just like you. All they ask is for you to treat them with respect, and professional courtesy in a business-like manner.

You should treat external booth staff as part of your stand team; praise them for their hard work, and ensure that they get some breaks to recharge their batteries. A debrief them at the end of each day is recommended to ask for their feedback on how things went for them. They will see and hear things that your team may not be aware of on the show floor and can give you some vital

information about your prospects, customers or even competitors so you need to give them a platform to communicate these things to your company.

One of the biggest staff management issues at the booth/stand is promotional staff receiving directions from multiple managers present at the exhibition stand, these sometimes being contradictory directions to what they have been previously given. This causes confusion, misdirection and unnecessary tension between the booth staff and the exhibitor staff.

To avoid this issue, nominate just ONE internal person to be the main point of contact for all external staff to avoid any conflicts of interest and communicate this to all internal staff so that they know who oversees the promotion team to avoid any conflicts of interest.


About Expo Stars:

Expo Stars is an exhibiting performance agency. We ensure your stand is staffed with highly trained, highly qualified, professionals who can not only make a positive first impression for your brand but also attract and engage the right people and pre-qualify them, so that your internal company staff can spend the time talking to real prospects.
Tel: +44 161 834 9478

Everything you need to know about hiring a film studio in London

Hiring a film studio no longer has to put you out of a budget and can take your production to the next level.Converting your home into a professional sounding and looking studio is now history too.

Considering that studios nowadays offer you everything you need for your film production.



Green Screen

So what is a green screen? Well, firstly it’s the basis of all special effects, from your favourite movies and even the weather forecast. The technology behind it is actually pretty simple, your background is either green or blue and later on, in post production, you can use a software that will help you transform the background.

You can buy green screens at electronic stores and even eBay, but they are really expensive and require a lot of care and space. So why not hire a film studio that is equipped with a green screen for a more cost effective approach?

White Cyc

White cyc? Sounds like a super technical term but quite simply describes a large curtain or wall. Those are always flat and mostly curved at the bottom too for a smooth look – like if there is no ending. White cyc can be used for many different purposes such as photo shoots or music video productions.

If your upcoming production requires one of those backgrounds, your best option is to hire a studio with a white cyc. Film studios don’t just offer different backgrounds, but often much more that can come in useful.

Studio vs Home

We understand that a home studio can be more convenient at times, but does convenience equal best quality? Not always. Hiring a studio that is fully equipped with lighting, video, audio and post production equipment and even staff that can help you out if needed, can be of such importance. It’s a cost-effective solution, considering that film studios are equipped with everything you need.

Additionally, if you pick our studio for your upcoming project we can even offer you a camera hire service through our sister company Aim Image.

The Camden Studio

Located in central London, The Camden Studio offers a fully soundproofed and air-conditioned studio space for hire, equipped with a green room, make-up facilities, and a production office.

The Studio accommodates all lighting requirements and in association with Aimimage & Ice Film, offers exclusive combined studio hire packages with camera equipment and complete crewing service when required. For more information visit our website.

QMS – Long live the Virtual High Street


When I was younger, (cue the nostalgic music) shopping was very much a physical experience. A slow meander into my leafy town centre was a highlight of my Saturday afternoon as it was filled with a plethora of sights and smells.

My favourite weekend haunt was a sleepy little model shop, which stocked WWI & WWII self-assembly kits of replica Boats, Planes, and Tanks.  I spent many a Saturday afternoon in there spending all my hard earned pocket money.

But today’s generation has witnessed the rapid rise of the “mega mall” encompassing major Towns & Cities somewhat quashing and ousting these type of shops from our high streets. The modern shopping experience as we know it has become a conformed, Americanised “all under one roof” environment.

So what about all those wonderful bespoke specialist shops? Where have they gone? The perception to the untrained eye is that these have all but vanished and today’s generation is sadly missing out. But it seems that these unique bazaars and Aladdin’s caves have only disappeared from our High Streets and not our lives.

The internet has taken the place of the High Street and become a haven for the virtual shopper offering even more unique and wonderful retail experiences. Successful online retail entrepreneurs have realised that to survive and thrive in a tough market the switch to an online presence is the only way forward and with the massive increase of E-commerce, online marketplaces, and support services at hand, business is booming.

Last year, E-commerce was classed as the fastest growing retail market in Europe, with the UK reported online sales for 2016 being in the region of £60.04Bn, a 14.9% growth on 2015.

This statistic shows that independent retailers no longer need to have a physical presence on the High Street as the digital generation still prefers to shop in those unique shops albeit from the comfort of their homes. Supporting industries and services have underpinned this as they are now more than capable to offer help, fulfil and facilitate any online retailers need to any suit any capacity.

QMS offers a full support package for the online retailer. We ensure that the key aspects of secure storage, Pick’n’Pack excellence and strong communications and systems free our clients up to do what they do best i.e. develop their businesses.

With a 10,000sq ft. fully monitored 24/365 secure warehouse based just off the A3 in Guildford, the QMS Pick & Pack service can offer the following to any growing online retailer business:


  • Easy systems integration – scalable and flexible, quick set-up and management
  • Ability to fulfil single orders, consignments and pallets
  • A wide understanding of many different market sectors and product types
  • A comprehensive range of competitive postal and courier rates
  • Experienced and dedicated operations team ensures a quick and professional service

To Find out more about our Pick & Pack fulfilment service solution and how we can support your online retail business you can get in contact by emailing us at or fill in our online contact form or call +44 (0)1483 863 300 to speak to one of our team.

5 Tips For Your Social Media Campaign

smmAs Social Media becomes ever more competitive, here are 5 top tips to keep you up-to-date with those ever changing trends that give you the edge over the competition:

  1. Content

Fresh, innovative, regular and shareable. Four words which are vital to any social media content post. Content that is steadily changing on a regular basis will encourage your audience to take note. However, this content must be shareable. “What does shareable mean?” I hear you say. Simply put, ensure you include engaging images and relevant links that entice your audience to share your content to their network.

  1. Optimise your Networks

As social media becomes an ever more integral part of our everyday lives, there couldn’t be more reason to ensure your networks are fully optimised. Whether you are active on just Facebook or Twitter, it is as important to research other platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube. For your social media efforts to flourish you need to spread your message where your audience are most active. This means analysing your current channels and ensuring they match the audience you are aiming to reach. Most importantly don’t be afraid to take the plunge and abandon a network that doesn’t match your marketing preferences over one that does.

  1. Content Strategy

Having a strategy is vital for success. Regular posts at the optimum frequency really do make the difference when opting for those all-important results. However, this is neither possible nor successful without a well implemented, relevant and dependable content strategy. At Red Ant Solutions, we pride ourselves on planning and preparation in all aspects of our work and with social it couldn’t be more vital. Our top tip for a unique content strategy is to begin the foundations early to avoid any mishaps, allowing you to find that balance between quality and quantity.

  1. Things to Avoid

You can read tens of thousands of things of what to do in social media but there is a fine line of what not to do.

SPAM – don’t post too regularly. This will only have a negative effect on the loyalty of your customers to your brand.

DON’T FORGET TO POST – I know we just mentioned not to post too regularly but it can be just as easy to forget altogether. Ensure you are social by updating your channels regularly and look professional whilst doing it.

NEGLECTING YOUR AUDIENCE – Your audience likes to be acknowledged whether it is through a direct message, retweet or response to a comment, which is vital in building your business and rapport with customers. Don’t forget to stay in contact and let your customers know you are listening.

  1. Paid Social

Social isn’t just about organic reach anymore. Paid social advertising is becoming the new way of reaching your desired audience. Not only can you target your specific audience but you can tailor it to particular interests and to precise demographics. Paid social advertising can boost your social media marketing efforts in more ways than one. Combine your organic calendar with paid posts and see your audience numbers soar. Ensure you stay on top of your paid social efforts through social media insight tools from Facebook and Twitter.

If you follow these five top tips you will be well on your way to a successful social media campaign.

At Red Ant Solutions, we deliver the complete Digital package including mobile first websites, SEO, Social Media, PPC advertising and more. Get in touch today via phone on 01483 863 338 or by email at for more information.