Everything you need to know about hiring a film studio in London

Hiring a film studio no longer has to put you out of a budget and can take your production to the next level.Converting your home into a professional sounding and looking studio is now history too.

Considering that studios nowadays offer you everything you need for your film production.



Green Screen

So what is a green screen? Well, firstly it’s the basis of all special effects, from your favourite movies and even the weather forecast. The technology behind it is actually pretty simple, your background is either green or blue and later on, in post production, you can use a software that will help you transform the background.

You can buy green screens at electronic stores and even eBay, but they are really expensive and require a lot of care and space. So why not hire a film studio that is equipped with a green screen for a more cost effective approach?

White Cyc

White cyc? Sounds like a super technical term but quite simply describes a large curtain or wall. Those are always flat and mostly curved at the bottom too for a smooth look – like if there is no ending. White cyc can be used for many different purposes such as photo shoots or music video productions.

If your upcoming production requires one of those backgrounds, your best option is to hire a studio with a white cyc. Film studios don’t just offer different backgrounds, but often much more that can come in useful.

Studio vs Home

We understand that a home studio can be more convenient at times, but does convenience equal best quality? Not always. Hiring a studio that is fully equipped with lighting, video, audio and post production equipment and even staff that can help you out if needed, can be of such importance. It’s a cost-effective solution, considering that film studios are equipped with everything you need.

Additionally, if you pick our studio for your upcoming project we can even offer you a camera hire service through our sister company Aim Image.

The Camden Studio

Located in central London, The Camden Studio offers a fully soundproofed and air-conditioned studio space for hire, equipped with a green room, make-up facilities, and a production office.

The Studio accommodates all lighting requirements and in association with Aimimage & Ice Film, offers exclusive combined studio hire packages with camera equipment and complete crewing service when required. For more information visit our website.

QMS – Long live the Virtual High Street


When I was younger, (cue the nostalgic music) shopping was very much a physical experience. A slow meander into my leafy town centre was a highlight of my Saturday afternoon as it was filled with a plethora of sights and smells.

My favourite weekend haunt was a sleepy little model shop, which stocked WWI & WWII self-assembly kits of replica Boats, Planes, and Tanks.  I spent many a Saturday afternoon in there spending all my hard earned pocket money.

But today’s generation has witnessed the rapid rise of the “mega mall” encompassing major Towns & Cities somewhat quashing and ousting these type of shops from our high streets. The modern shopping experience as we know it has become a conformed, Americanised “all under one roof” environment.

So what about all those wonderful bespoke specialist shops? Where have they gone? The perception to the untrained eye is that these have all but vanished and today’s generation is sadly missing out. But it seems that these unique bazaars and Aladdin’s caves have only disappeared from our High Streets and not our lives.

The internet has taken the place of the High Street and become a haven for the virtual shopper offering even more unique and wonderful retail experiences. Successful online retail entrepreneurs have realised that to survive and thrive in a tough market the switch to an online presence is the only way forward and with the massive increase of E-commerce, online marketplaces, and support services at hand, business is booming.

Last year, E-commerce was classed as the fastest growing retail market in Europe, with the UK reported online sales for 2016 being in the region of £60.04Bn, a 14.9% growth on 2015.

This statistic shows that independent retailers no longer need to have a physical presence on the High Street as the digital generation still prefers to shop in those unique shops albeit from the comfort of their homes. Supporting industries and services have underpinned this as they are now more than capable to offer help, fulfil and facilitate any online retailers need to any suit any capacity.

QMS offers a full support package for the online retailer. We ensure that the key aspects of secure storage, Pick’n’Pack excellence and strong communications and systems free our clients up to do what they do best i.e. develop their businesses.

With a 10,000sq ft. fully monitored 24/365 secure warehouse based just off the A3 in Guildford, the QMS Pick & Pack service can offer the following to any growing online retailer business:


  • Easy systems integration – scalable and flexible, quick set-up and management
  • Ability to fulfil single orders, consignments and pallets
  • A wide understanding of many different market sectors and product types
  • A comprehensive range of competitive postal and courier rates
  • Experienced and dedicated operations team ensures a quick and professional service

To Find out more about our Pick & Pack fulfilment service solution and how we can support your online retail business you can get in contact by emailing us at information@quantum-mkt.co.uk or fill in our online contact form http://www.quantum-marketing-services.co.uk/contact-us/ or call +44 (0)1483 863 300 to speak to one of our team.

5 Tips For Your Social Media Campaign

smmAs Social Media becomes ever more competitive, here are 5 top tips to keep you up-to-date with those ever changing trends that give you the edge over the competition:

  1. Content

Fresh, innovative, regular and shareable. Four words which are vital to any social media content post. Content that is steadily changing on a regular basis will encourage your audience to take note. However, this content must be shareable. “What does shareable mean?” I hear you say. Simply put, ensure you include engaging images and relevant links that entice your audience to share your content to their network.

  1. Optimise your Networks

As social media becomes an ever more integral part of our everyday lives, there couldn’t be more reason to ensure your networks are fully optimised. Whether you are active on just Facebook or Twitter, it is as important to research other platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube. For your social media efforts to flourish you need to spread your message where your audience are most active. This means analysing your current channels and ensuring they match the audience you are aiming to reach. Most importantly don’t be afraid to take the plunge and abandon a network that doesn’t match your marketing preferences over one that does.

  1. Content Strategy

Having a strategy is vital for success. Regular posts at the optimum frequency really do make the difference when opting for those all-important results. However, this is neither possible nor successful without a well implemented, relevant and dependable content strategy. At Red Ant Solutions, we pride ourselves on planning and preparation in all aspects of our work and with social it couldn’t be more vital. Our top tip for a unique content strategy is to begin the foundations early to avoid any mishaps, allowing you to find that balance between quality and quantity.

  1. Things to Avoid

You can read tens of thousands of things of what to do in social media but there is a fine line of what not to do.

SPAM – don’t post too regularly. This will only have a negative effect on the loyalty of your customers to your brand.

DON’T FORGET TO POST – I know we just mentioned not to post too regularly but it can be just as easy to forget altogether. Ensure you are social by updating your channels regularly and look professional whilst doing it.

NEGLECTING YOUR AUDIENCE – Your audience likes to be acknowledged whether it is through a direct message, retweet or response to a comment, which is vital in building your business and rapport with customers. Don’t forget to stay in contact and let your customers know you are listening.

  1. Paid Social

Social isn’t just about organic reach anymore. Paid social advertising is becoming the new way of reaching your desired audience. Not only can you target your specific audience but you can tailor it to particular interests and to precise demographics. Paid social advertising can boost your social media marketing efforts in more ways than one. Combine your organic calendar with paid posts and see your audience numbers soar. Ensure you stay on top of your paid social efforts through social media insight tools from Facebook and Twitter.

If you follow these five top tips you will be well on your way to a successful social media campaign.

At Red Ant Solutions, we deliver the complete Digital package including mobile first websites, SEO, Social Media, PPC advertising and more. Get in touch today via phone on 01483 863 338 or by email at enquiries@redantsolutions.com for more information.



The Magnificent 7 Powers Of Promotional Gifts

adopDo you want your business details to be remembered and stand out from the rest?  your business card is probably just one of many gathering dust in offices across the country..

Here at BusinessGiftUK.com we know what works when it comes to being remembered

So, here are 7 reasons (there are many more, but we know you’re busy!) why you should be using promotional gifts to promote your business…


  • Build Your Brand


Your brand and its market position must be regularly reviewed and promoted – simple fact. This doesn’t need to involve costly marketing campaigns – the drip feed of building your brand through promotional gifts can be just as effective, if not more so. Customised products that are used by your clients and prospects in their daily business lives ,are a  constant reminder of your logo, who you are and what you can offer. What’s more – your contact details are extremely easy to find so there is more chance of a spontaneous call if they don’t have to go hunting round for that card.



  • Targeted Marketing


When you have a ready stock of promotional merchandise you can choose who to send it to and when, so your marketing becomes targeted, and therefore  a highly cost effective way of making a first impression. The right product has longevity of use so  your target prospects will keep it for a long time to come. Most promotional gifts have a much longer life- span than other media or marketing formats. You may want to buy particular customised gifts for a specific exhibition audience profile, knowing that the kind of businesses you want to attract will respond to a relevant promotion. By thinking ahead and keeping it targeted you can open many doors that may otherwise remain closed.



  • Happy Clients Stay Happy


Of course it’s not only new clients that appreciate a promotional gift. As a high percentage of business comes from existing customers, giving them gifts is a wise investment. Be mindful of 3 R’s – Repeats, Referrals and Recommendations! A promotional gift can act as a great prompt for a happy client to recommend you to their associates. Again, your contact details are easily available because they’re printed on the gift, so referring your services is effortless. Keep it varied too – with so many different types of gifts available,  you can mix it up  and keep your choice of gifts fresh – ensuring you always stand out. Using promotional gifts to promote your business in this way is flexible, relevant and highly effective.



  • First Impressions – We All Love A Freebie!


Let’s be honest – we all love to get value for money, even better to get something for free. It’s also good for the soul to give, so using promotional gifts creates an all-round feeling of bonhomie which shouldn’t be underestimated in forging new business relationships. When interacting with total strangers – maybe at Expos and Trade Shows offering promotional gifts is a great ice breaker – conveying  goodwill and a memorable first impression.



  • Company Incentives


Within the workplace promotional gifts can be used to incentivise staff. This can be done in two ways; gifts can be used for targeted incentives or awards for effort. They can also be used to create team spirit and company pride with the likes of branded clothing, desk items and corporate stationery. Recognition leads to a sense of fulfilment, inspires company loyalty and creates a workforce that feels appreciated.  This all helps the bottom line!



  • Incentives To Buy


Promotional gifts can be used more blatantly as an enticement to buy,  particularly effective in retail point of sale, but also used in less “sexy” areas such as insurance and banking where customers are often offered quality pens, originally done so- to help fill in proposal forms. Historically it has been proven that the offer of a free pen can significantly increase the number of quote requests. The practice of giving an incentive in return for the opportunity to quote continues today, despite the fact that all the information required is now more likely to be given over the phone or entered online.



  • Buy Time


Whenever a gift is given and received there is an opportunity to talk and network .People pause to receive a gift, and in most cases simple politeness deters the recipient from just walking away. This is your chance to say a little about what you do and then listen carefully to what they do, triggering your radar for opportunities, referrals and buying signals. This is all made so much smoother when offering a relevant promotional gift and works with all types of encounters, not just formal networking events. Has anyone got a pen…..


Using customised gifts to promote your business is a fantastic way of maximising your marketing mix. Gifts are a proven catalyst to other activity. Well targeted advertising promotional gifts enhance and support all other marketing activity. They’re also an effective way of bypassing the competition on Google by keeping it simple and direct.

For more information please go to www.businessgiftuk.com, call our experienced team on 01772 429111 or email us at sales@businessgiftuk.com.

Stephen Ward, Managing Director

Ad-Options Ltd t/as BusinessGiftUK.com



Murder on the Menu combines in-depth professional experience with an ethos of renewal


Murder on the Menu has been a market leader in whodunnit cabaret entertainment for over a quarter of a century, combining in-depth professional experience with an ethos of renewal to create golden age entertainment with a contemporary feel. For more than 16 years the company has provided ‘Murders on the Orient Express’ on the luxury train that is now the Belmond UK Pullman.

Whatever your venue choice – conventional, mobile, or surprising – you can be sure that Murder on the Menu will have the solution to your perfect event mystery.

MD of @voytek gives ICE Programme Sony Masterclass

Woytek Bogdanowicz, MD of @Voytek – the London based independent TV film and video production company – has a vast wealth of experience across broadcasting genres from documentary, television advertising, events and docudrama.

Woytek has  produced 100s of independent films for corporate and broadcast clients – including Amey, British Olympic Assoc., Google, UKTI, Foreign Commonwealth Office, (for which he won the IVCA Editor of the Year Award), DHL, Universal, BUPA, Ministry of Defence, Adobe, Louis Vuitton, Transport for London, Ogilvy and many others.

As a member of  Sony’s Independent Certified Expert Programme – or ICE Programme – he has given Sony Masterclasses in Prague, Bratislava and has just completed one in Warsaw where the 70 strong – attendees were able to have the benefit of his many years of Industry experience as well as get hands on with some of Sony‘s most popular cameras and equipment.

 Voytek blog piece

What a great crowd today @SonyMasterclass in Warsaw, next Masterclasses coming really soon! Thank you Wojtek Bogdanowicz for great workshop!

– Jakub Stupałkowski



Magnetic London Develop Campaign Identity for eHarmony UK

London design agency, Magnetic were appointed by eHarmony UK to create an exciting campaign identity that would help position themselves as champions of singles. In line with Valentine’s Day, eHarmony wanted a campaign design that would provide users with a masterclass into finding true happiness.



Magnetic were responsible for all aspects of the campaign development and execution, from naming the campaign and designing the campaign identity, to developing and executing the final website design.


‘The School of Happiness’ campaign took users on a journey to improving their overall happiness. Each week a new topic was unlocked with access to tips, advice and downloadable resources.





Magnetic’s London’s creative agency worked closely with eHarmony to develop a campaign idea that was in line with their current brand identity. Their team of designers created a bespoke logo design that suited the simple yet memorable campaign name, as well as an engaging web design and informative downloadable resources.




The positive reaction on social media and quality of the users who were driven to the main eHarmony site meant the campaign more than achieved its goal in terms of awareness and brand preference and consideration metrics.




To learn more about how London design agency, Magnetic can help with corporate branding, promotional material or campaign design, get in touch today at http://www.magnetic-london.co.uk/

Ten step checklist to achieve direct mail success

Follow Baker Goodchild’s ten step checklist to achieve direct mail success!


1) Define project objectives and audience

The first step is to decide on your key project baseline measures i.e. how many extra sales / donations you require from your campaign, what your budget is, your time scale and what you define as success. You then need to identify the key required outcomes from your direct mail campaign, which could be anything from generating new sales to membership recruitment.

2) Write the copy

Your copy needs to be clear, informative and exciting. It should have a punchy headline and captivating text so readers don’t get bored!

3) Define your offer

Including an offer or incentive can increase the success of your direct mail campaign. Examples of offers are the opportunity to donate (for non-profit), discounts and attractive payment terms such as interest free or free shipping.

4) Is your call to action clear?

Your call to action should tell customers what you want them to do. It must be precise, clear and easy to understand. Keep it simple, ask for the sale and create excitement, using phrases like ‘act now’ or ‘for a limited time only.’

5) Implement tracking

Use mailshot specific telephone numbers, landing pages, QR Codes and PURLs to track responses from your direct mail campaign. You can also measure its success using online software like Google Analytics, which track website stats, trends and spikes.

6) Embrace technology

Integrating your direct mail campaign with technology can help to boost its effectiveness. Explore technologies such as QR codes, augmented reality, USB web keys and NFC to take customers online and provide them with additional content.

7) Check quality of data

Make sure your data is up to date and relevant in order to comply with the Data Protection Act and avoid wasting money on non-interested / non-existent customers.

8) Personalisation

Personalising direct mail has been proven to improve response rates. Be sure to include the customer’s name in the letter message and on the outer envelope. You can also take it a step further by including personalised offers and recommendations based on their purchase history.

9) Define your print format

Consider the print format for your direct mail. We recommend using recycled paper (it’s cheaper and environmentally friendly), experimenting with shape and size to improve impact and incorporating textures to make your direct mail more interesting.

Make sure all of your direct mail is fully branded and keep it looking professional so it doesn’t get thrown out as junk mail.

10) Distribution

Last but not least, consider how the mailshot will be distributed. Do you plan to do it in-house or outsource it to a direct mail agency like us? Think about the time and week of distribution and check your direct mail is small enough to fit through all letterboxes.

We hope you’ve found this checklist useful. For help creating and distributing direct mail, get in touch with the Baker Goodchild team today.



MRM Appoints new Managing Director


Award winning marketing services, handling and fulfilment business MRM has kick started its 2017 with three senior appointments within its management team.

Founding partner Peter Kerr takes on the new role of Executive Chairman following the acquisition of ex Howell Penny Client Director Marc Rigby as Managing Director. Chairman Mike Wood has now taken on the role of Strategic Director.

The appointments cap a successful 12 months for the business in which MRM were recognised with four IPM COGS Awards including the prestigious Grand Prix for their incredible work on the 2016 Sport Relief Campaign.


The Market Harborough business – now in its 24th year of trading – concluded an MBO last year following 5 years as part of the French based HighCo Group. It numbers the Department of Health, The Co-operative Group and British Gas amongst its 70 strong client base across a wide range of industry sectors.

Peter Kerr comments, ‘Whilst last year was hugely exciting for the business, that success needs to be the platform for accelerated growth; the marketing environment in which we operate is evolving. We are no longer just a service company – we are a service agency offering a wide range of marketing solutions. And to ensure our business model is in line with the needs of the market, I wanted to bring some fresh skills into the company from the world of agency & brand marketing. Marc’s background will help us augment our delivery capability and build the breadth of service we can offer to our clients. Along with Mike Wood, our former Chairman and M&A specialist, I will be devoting more time to exploiting some key strategic opportunities that we have identified in the market.’


Marc Rigby, who boasts Interfocus, IMP and Saatchi & Saatchi amongst his past marketing agency roles commented, ‘I was astounded not only by the core traditional skill sets here but by the levels of digital expertise inherent within MRM. We are well positioned to deliver a wide range of marketing service solutions as both a strategic and tactical partner. I am looking forward to the challenge of blending our processes, data and people to help our clients connect their brands, products and services with their audiences.’

Lay out the red flooring for that special client this Valentine’s Day ❤


Hope you’ve had a great start to the year and are set to have a great 2017! Can you believe it’s February already?


So since Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we want to roll out the ‘red flooring’ for our favourite clients with a special deal we know you will love! Until the 28th February 2017, we are offering our brand new stock product of Custom Printed Cushioned Floor Vinyl at a special introductory price!


For as little as £40 per square meter you can fill out your next exhibition space or shop floor with stunning custom printed graphics featuring absolutely anything you could want to really entice customers and clients in to view your products.


That’s a whole 1/3 off of our normal retail price!


If you would like to take advantage of this limited time offer, give us a call on 020 8507 1612 

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room


The quote in the title, by Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, succinctly expresses the truth about branding. At its core, it’s about personal connections and human emotions. Think hard about how you want to make your customers feel. Every part of your marketing should be laser-focused on achieving that feeling. Let’s define that feeling as your brand promise. It’s what your customer expects to experience when purchasing your product or service, and is the fundamental reason that people will buy from you, rather than your competitors. Many factors work together to form your brand promise – the quality of your product, the behaviour of your staff, and your pricing, are just a few examples.

It’s crucial that you fully understand this complexity and how they interact, if you are to successfully and consistently communicate your offer to your customers. Your marketing can be divided into three areas: your external marketing (how you communicate your brand promise to your customers), your internal marketing (how you communicate your brand promise to your employees), and interactive marketing (how your employees deliver your brand promise to your customers). The concept of the Brand Triangle, shows how these three areas must interact in a balanced way to consistently influence your customer’s perceptions of your brand. thinko2
Without all three sides of the triangle aligned, your customer’s experience will be confused and they’ll find it hard to decide to buy from you. Let’s look at your external marketing. It’s your designer’s job to translate your brand promise into persuasive communication, reaching your audience, delivering your message, and turning sales prospects into paying customers. To do this your marketing must achieve four things: Interrupt, Engage, Educate, Offer. Only then will you ensure your customers sit up and take notice.

Working with a creative consultant can really pay off here, helping you step back from your business and view your brand as your potential customers do. This will help you find alternative channels and cut through the digital noise. For example, direct mail is making a comeback. Your competitors don’t do it anymore. Which is why you should reconsider it. Designed well, it brings a personal connection with your customers that’s very hard to match online. Remember: how do you want to make your customers feel? I expect you want them to feel important. Cared for. Valued. Opening a beautifully designed, high-quality piece of direct mail is hard to beat in giving your customer that warm, enticing feeling about your brand.

This is just one example of how to stand out from your competitors, and offer your customers something different and compelling. Your marketing needs to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Make sure you regularly review your approach and the channels you use. In my next post, I’ll look more closely at the part internal marketing plays in enabling your employees to deliver your brand promise.

Danny Gosling is MD of Thinkography, creative consultant and graphic designer.
Thinkography helps ambitious businesses like yours build a desirable brand that’s irresistible to the loyal, repeat customers that are the key to sustainable and profitable growth.
To learn more, visit www.thinkography.com/build-your-brand

Brand Development / Consultants – Central London

How Do Businesses Benefit from Professional Insight?

visiononeMarket Research is recognized by business experts as being fundamental to successful business planning and strategy – so if you’re overlooking research perhaps it’s time to have a rethink.

Whilst ‘Agile’ thinking and product development might suggest there would be an increasing number of new products hitting the supermarkets… the reality is somewhat different. Indeed, the number of new products being launched by manufacturers into UK retail stores is falling significantly according to an IRI study in August 2016.

The retail research shows that whilst major retailers like Tesco cut their ranges to remove slower selling items, resulting in 1,000 fewer packaged grocery items on shelves (a drop of 6.3%), the study also shows that 13% fewer new branded items were launched in 2015 compared with 2013. These figures suggest that brands must be thorough in their NPD and ensure failure is not an option.

In today’s affluent society people are no longer driven by needs and necessities, they are driven by desires and whims – a world where ‘emotions’ are dominant. So how do you fulfill customers’ demands, maintain customer loyalty and grow your customer base in the fast-moving world we live in today? Ultimately understanding the customer and what influences them is essential to brand survival in the modern world full of so much choice.

Getting the best customer insights is the domain of market research and insight agencies. These professional market research agencies can help brand owners improve their business by listening to their customers. Their expert insights are invaluable and provide the cornerstone for any strategic decisions critical for a company’s long-term survival and success.



The Wisdom of Crowds

Research is extremely powerful and has been shown to be more powerful than any expert individual. One reason for this is that research builds on the proven notion of Crowdology and the wisdom of the crowd. As Marcus du Sautoy proved in his BBC documentary “The Code”, the crowd know far more than individuals.

Du Soutoy, repeated previous studies by taking a large jar of jellybeans and asking 160 people to guess the number of jellybeans in the jar. There were 4510 jellybeans in the jar and answers varied from 400 to 50,000, yet the average of the 160 answers was 4515, amazingly only 0.1% off the correct answer. This goes to show the importance of listening to customers.

Customer Centricity Breeds Success

Analysis of the world’s most successful companies has demonstrated that they have one thing in common, they all have a customer centric approach to their brand, product development and marketing. Whether you’re Apple, Coca-Cola or just starting up – it’s clear that strategic decisions need to be customer led. Whilst research often comes up with the unexpected, the benefit is that a good insight agency will always have the knowledge and ideas to help build a better future.


How Research Helps Build Strategy

Research and insight have many uses, but overall some of the Key Benefits of market research, is to help:


  1. Identify market opportunities

Awareness enables gaps in the market to be spotted and capitalized upon.


  1. Guide and improve your communication

Knowing the best way to interact with customers will ensure your brand makes an impact.


  1. Minimize risks and avoid costly mistakes

With detailed knowledge of what customers are looking for there is less risk of going in the wrong direction.


  1. Measure satisfaction and your reputation

The importance of listening to your customers so you can plan and react accordingly cannot be underestimated.


  1. Measure Brand Equity and market positioning

Pinpoint where you stand in the market and determine the potential for growth in market share and the market as a whole.


  1. Discover customer typologies and segments

Age, gender or hobbies can all influence spending habits. Recognize factors that affect purchasing decisions.


  1. Better understand your competitors

Keep a close eye on them. Learn from what they do well and what they do badly.


  1. Make informed decisions

Quality data will provide the tools to create a strategy for a successful future.


Professional researchers know other people’s hearts and minds at a level that most of us can only aspire to. It is easy to see why as these researchers spend their lives talking to people delving into their conscious and subconscious minds – investigating anything and everything from religion to the internet.

Good researchers will find you the most fitting method of data collection relevant for the job in hand, be it quantitative or qualitative research, or a combination of the two. Quantitative research provides facts and figures while qualitative research is more subjective but provides deeper thoughts and ideas that are ideal for discovering new solutions that can transform your business and marketing.

‘Research is an Investment’

Market research is an investment and minimizes risk.  Successful management of a brand or product involves deep knowledge of customers and competitors while looking forward.


For more information on Vision One and its creative insight services please visit www.visionone.co.uk or email us at mail@visionone.co.uk


There’s more to PPC than just AdWords – Bing it on!

PPC image

Google has long dominated the search engine market, with its global share standing at an impressive 77.82% as of December 2016. Accounting for a huge slice of the search engine pie, it’s little surprise that Google AdWords is usually the go-to network for businesses eager to bolster rankings and boost their online visibility.

But bigger doesn’t always mean better and for smaller businesses, AdWords may not offer the most valuable solution. Its popularity means competition is red hot, with big brands (and big budgets) driving up costs and putting increased pressure on the smaller guys.

Your Google AdWords campaign is ticking along, but it’s possible that you could be enjoying even higher traffic and greater conversions through other PPC solutions. I’ll use a case in point: Bing Ads, AKA Microsoft’s answer to AdWords.

The thing with Bing

It may be large, but Google’s shadow is now slowly shrinking, especially in the UK. Research from last year by Net Imperative showed that Bing is outpacing the search giant in terms of growth, and now powers over one in five of all UK searches. Bing’s raking in 840 million monthly searches, so it’s bigger than you might think.

With its growing popularity in the UK, Bing presents a great opportunity for businesses with a local or national reach. Here’s some other benefits:

Less competition means lower costs 

Bing Ads uses a similar auction-based system to AdWords, but less competition, means better ad positions and cheaper Cost Per Clicks (CPCs). Search Engine Watch carried out a 45-day trial in 2016, running campaigns across both networks that were identical in set-up, bidding strategy and landing page experience. Bing came out overall as the more economical network – 63.23% cheaper to gain a conversion, and more consistent in performance. Google campaigns delivered an average conversion rate of 5.96%, while Bing’s campaigns returned an impressive rate of 8.78%.

More flexibility

If you’re running an international targeting campaign, Bing Ads offers greater flexibility in terms of time zones and locations. Unlike AdWords, you can assign different time zones to each campaign, as well as amend network, location, language and ad-scheduling at the ad group level.

Valuable insights

Bing’s Intelligence tool provides a wealth of useful information to allow marketers to closely monitor the status and impact of ads. One of its key features is the Auction Insights report, which shows marketers how they compare against similar businesses so they can sharpen their competitive edge.

Measuring campaign performance is made simple through Bing’s reporting capability, which helps businesses track budget and spend, evaluate ad and keyword performance, and create valuable insights for enhancing campaigns.

If you want to streamline your PPC efforts, Bing Ad performance can be tracked via Google Analytics, but this requires careful set-up. The issue is that Google Analytics views organic and PPC traffic from Bing as a single entity, skewing results. However, this can be remedied by tagging up your Bing PPC campaigns using Google’s handy URL builder.

Control search demographics

Though AdWords enables users to regularly view and manage demographic targeting on the Google Display Network, it currently doesn’t provide any kind of demographic-based targeting. Bing Ads, on the other hand, enables businesses to control which gender and age demographics view their search ads, resulting in highly-targeted campaigns.

The Bing all and end all?

Bing Ads has proven itself a worthy PPC solution and I believe it offers a huge range of benefits for businesses. It accounts for a smaller market share, but has the potential to earn you similar, or even better campaign results than its big brother.

Of course, there are many other ad networks out there, each with their own niches and advantages. Just a few of these include:

Facebook ads: A great starting point if your target audience are regular social media users, Facebook ads allows you to target specific demographics and trial different versions of each ad.

BuySellAds: For businesses interested in traditional banner advertising, BuySellAds is one of the largest networks out there in terms of distribution.

Nuffnang: More suited to businesses with niche markets, Nuffnang calls itself the world’s leading blog advertising community.

Ultimately, what works best for you will depend on a range of factors, from your campaign goals to your budget and target audience. If you need some guidance creating an effective, highly-targeted PPC campaign, call Mark at ID³ today on 01225 866416!


THE OARSMAN Studio – February Promotions

THE OARSMAN Studio is launching bright new offers for the month of February.

They have something special to brighten every day of the working week so get booking ….


HAPPY MONDAY: get 50% off every booking on Mondays.

TUESDAY BREKKY CLUB: Free breakfast included in rental on Tuesdays (fruits, croissant, juices & cereal for up to 10 people).

WINESDAY WEDNESDAY: Book the studio on Wednesdays and get a free bottle of wine.

THIRSTY THURSDAY: Fully stocked fridge included in rental every Thursdays (water, fizzy juices San Pellegrino, chocolate, beer, wine).

THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY: Free bucket of freezing cold beers included on your booking on Fridays.

T’s & C’s
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PAEM’s Five Steps to Effective Events

paemIn this brave new Digital World, everybody talks about the importance of “content”. If you are reading this piece, the content will very quickly influence your decision about whether to continue! That may be stating the obvious, but it is easy to ignore the basic stuff in favour of the sexy bits in any plan or project. So rule number 1 is simple:

Step 1. Make sure you are booking the best venue for the event.

The criteria may vary but should always include:
• The right image, style and atmosphere to complement your brand and message
• The right environment for communicating and engaging with the participants
• The right location for optimum access, with an appropriate background setting
• The right quality at the right price, to make a positive impression

The next consideration concerns the balance of content during the event and the impact you want to make on participants.

Step 2. Design the event to reflect your objectives

Too often the venue, event format and features – such as entertainment – are chosen to please the event “sponsor”, who for example may be the company sales director or CEO. The core elements must be decided “scientifically” not emotionally which means you should:
• Design the event to influence your audience not the sponsor
• Decide in advance what changes in behaviour you want to achieve
• Agree how you will measure success
• Consult with or research your target audience for their expectations
• Ensure your service providers (venue etc) understand your event objectives

In many cases, events are part of a calendar and are repeated regularly. This situation poses twin but opposite dangers to guard against, complacency and insecurity. So a vital action to take is to review the event specification and the outline plan with the sponsor (client) at the provisional stage, before binding commitments are made.

Step 3. Get the event specification right

When a decision is made to arrange an event, the initial burst of activity usually starts with a venue search so that a date can be set and approved. From that moment forward, every suggestion will be judged by:
• how it compares with previous events
• whether it conforms with tradition or an established reputation for the event
• if it will impress the participants
• if it will impress the sponsors
• if it will make the required impression

All of these are emotional reactions and are much more likely to arise because the envisaged event is being compared with previous ones. It is important to maintain standards but it is much more important to be objective about what event content will produce the desired change in behaviour.

So, another set of questions must also be asked when deciding the specification. For this purpose, our agency believes in the power of Return on Investment Methodology. Dr Elling Hamso has helped us to appreciate the value of this approach. Event ROI planning is based on a pyramid concept which defines the event objectives as follows:
• Target audience: How do we ensure that the right people are attending?
• Learning environment: How can we design a learning environment which will make cognitive change most effective? “Atmosphere” makes a lasting impression.
• Learning objectives: What cognitive change (ie learning) is required for the participants to change their behaviour? The cognitive change might be subconscious, but something always has to change in the mind before behaviour changes.
• Behaviour objectives: What do the guests or participants at meetings and events need to do, during and after the event, to create value for the stakeholders? There will be different answers according to the target audience.
• Impact objectives: The Impact, or Business Impact, is the ultimate value contribution of the event to its stakeholders. For a customer (or channel partner) event, the Impact is usually sales. For an internal event it is typically organisational effectiveness.
• R O I objectives: Expressed in the simplest terms, ROI is the net value created by the event minus the costs. ROI can be described as a percentage of the cost of the event. Events have a value to stakeholders, who can include the event owner and funder, sponsors and participants.

Having thoroughly examined the event specification, the planning can continue until all the pieces of the puzzle are in place and the picture is complete. The next big challenge is to operate the event itself, co-ordinating disparate elements to produce an experience that delivers the desired results.

Step 4. Orchestrate the event

An event manager behaves like the conductor of an orchestra. The talents and contributions of a team of specialists are directed and controlled to achieve a collective performance that hits all the right notes! So, what in real terms does this mean for an event manager? The skills and disciplines needed to successfully orchestrate the performance include:
• Tact, patience, trust and respect for other members of the immediate team and especially for service partners contributing to the event
• Clear communication, briefing and updating on requirements at all stages
• Providing precise product quality definitions and service standard descriptions
• Consulting with the sponsor and other stakeholders at key times during the event
• Sharing a detailed working document with all team members
• Ensuring every team member knows their part and is fully equipped to perform it
• Having a contingency plan that has been approved by the sponsor and can be implemented in agreed circumstances without delay and with minimum disruption

After the event, there is one critical step remaining. If lessons are to be learned and every possibility for further improvement is to be identified, then a proper debriefing process must be conducted. Once again we turn to Dr Elling Hamso and the Event ROI Institute for guidance.

Step 5. Measure Event ROI Value

Converting Impacts to Monetary Values:
• Some business impacts are monetary, such as sales, but others need converting into money for the ROI calculation. A team building event may for example reduce absenteeism and staff turnover, improving productivity and quality control as well as saving on recruitment costs.
• Impacts which lead to time savings can be measured using a standard hourly value, which could relate to an intra-company billing rate, salary cost or opportunity cost of staff time.

Intangible Values:
• It may not be practical or economical to attempt to convert all business impacts into monetary values. Those which are not converted are referred to as “intangibles”.
• A promotional event may result in new orders or prospects, while at the same time also motivating staff and improving team relations.
• A sales value may be applied to the new orders, but the motivational effect may be left as an intangible which is not converted into money for the ROI calculation.



Irrespective of what ROI you get and how far you go in turning intangibles into money values, the benefits of applying the ROI Methodology will always outweigh the costs. The methodology forces you to identify the precise event objectives at different levels. Armed with these objectives you set about planning the event.

Because your objectives are detailed, clear and measurable, the event programme will be more focused on achieving them. Because you decide to measure, the event produces better results.


Performance & Event Management Ltd has developed its own contribution to event planning for clients and prospective clients, which we call the PA£M ROI T£ST©.    This test is based on the principles of Event ROI Methodology and provides a relatively quick “sense check” at the event briefing and specification stage, before the client makes financial commitments and confirms the decision to proceed.

The 3 rules of designing an effective website

effective-websiteHow often do you visit a site, hoping that it will offer what you are seeking, only to find that you can’t get it there?

Or it’s too complicated to find what you’re looking for?

Or that the site fails to instil confidence in you, so you don’t trust the content?

In nearly every case it’s the failure of the planning of the site and the way the content is presented, rather than the coding, which causes the problems.

So follow these three simple rules and build a site that really works for you and brings dividends.

  • Know what visitors are looking for.

Understand what your market wants from you, then design and build your site to deliver those things. I see too many sites which are designed from the inside out, rather than from the outside in: ie they are written by the organisation about the organisation, so you get a worthy overview which satisfies the boss, but adds nothing to the bottom line. Websites have to engage visitors, which means they have to say what’s in it for them.

  • Understand your stats.

There will be the user journey, bounce rates, multiple visits, traffic share etc. This will give you insight into how your current visitors behave, so you can plan a perfect user experience. Without this information you can only guess.

  • Design a beautiful website.

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it, but too often the sites we visit are dull, or look old fashioned or cheap. However we’re human – we like lovely things, so it’s only normal to be drawn to sites which visually excite us and reject those that don’t fulfil our personal criteria.

Effectively I am advising you to put maximum effort in to planning and designing the site and its content, less into the coding.

It’s an exercise in marketing, not web development, which is just a hygiene factor: of course it’s going to be coded well, work perfectly and not break down – you’d expect nothing less. But for it to underpin your marketing, it has to be properly planned and designed.

Anything less and you’re not being as effective as you could be.

provided by www.mar-com.net

ID Cubed’s trends for 2017


It’s that time of year again when digital marketers around the globe are dusting off their crystal balls to create some predictions about the coming year. In this fast-paced industry, change is the only constant, and allowing your business to rest on its laurels when it comes to its digital marketing strategy could prove to be a recipe for disaster. So, whether you’re looking to boost your social media success, work on your web design, kick your content into gear or choose d) all of the above, I’ve pulled together a few of the top digital marketing trends predicted for 2017 to give you a bit of guidance on where you should be focusing.


  1. The year of the snap

Snapchat has undergone a compelling transformation this year. With 100 million daily active users, 70% of which are under 35 years of age and fit the prized millennial demographic, it’s safe to say the platform has caught the eye of marketers all over the world. As well as recently changing its name to Snap, the company has fed the rising demand for moment-focused communication and live content whilst developing products that take messaging to the next level – video-recording sunglasses anyone? We are inclined to agree with Forbes who urge us to expect great things from Snap in the New Year, as well as lucrative marketing opportunities.


  1. The automation of email

If you thought email was dead, you were sadly mistaken; it has simply evolved. Email marketing can be used to great effect – including promoting your content, driving action and capturing data from prospects and current customers. Research reported by campaignmonitor.com  has shown that B2C marketers who leverage automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50% whilst automated email messages average 70.5% high open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than the usual business marketing messages. Automation is an efficient and measurable tool to communicate over email with contacts, but be sure it is configured to offer interactions that are as personalised, optimised and, above all, deliver as much value as possible.


  1. Mobile-first world

For years, the digital marketing world has anticipated a shift to mobile-first users as smartphones become increasingly more capable and indispensable. After Google’s revelation that more than half of all UK searches are conducted via mobile, they made it clear that there was a mobile-first strategy on the horizon. This year, AdWords dropped the right-hand side bar of ads on desktop to ensure that the search experience remained consistent across all devices whilst Google’s favouring of sites that employ Accelerated Mobile Pages has forced brands to take note. We expect more developments this year – all in the name of mobile optimisation.


  1. Video ads on the up

Next year video ad spend is set to increase globally by 20% and, according to cedato.com, is showing the ‘fastest compounded annual growth rate of all digital categories (including social), at least until 2020’. YouTube revealed that the number of channels earning six figures each year on the platform has increased by 50% year on year. With consumers’ increased demand for more vicarious experiences, we expect to see a rise in live video advertising, as well as a development in the video optimisation process.


  1. Schema markup

Schema markup, for the uninitiated, is a code you weave into your website to inform search engines on what your site is all about, thereby boosting your chances of getting chosen as the best match with users’ searches. It’s set to be more important than ever next year due to changing user and Google trends, particularly as machine learning is now an important ranking factor with the search engine. Your website needs to be easy for a machine to interpret, and schema is the way to do this.


If you’re looking for a helping hand with your digital marketing strategy in 2017, ID Cubed can help you keep your finger on the pulse. Explore the services we offer, or contact us today on 01225 866416.



Mobile Media and Hype Live Media become MMedia Group

elementMobile Out of Home specialist Mobile Media and the UK’s largest promotional staff provider and Experiential Agency Hype Live Media have joined forces under the MMedia Group (MMG) banner to become one company.


The first company to develop the Advan, Mobile Media has pioneered Mobile Out of Home since its inception in the 1980s and this new move sees the company expand and evolve to join with sister company Hype Live Media to form a new advertising and events organisation in MMG.

MMG offers a comprehensive range of media formats from Mobile Out of Home such as Digivans and Advans to Promotional Staff, Experiential Marketing, Digital Out of Home, LED Screens, Event Production, Content Management and Airport Advertising with LHRLINK – Heathrow’s only branded bus network.

Karen Olsen, CEO of MMG, said: “MMG packs a punch when it comes to delivering impactful client messages – whether you are looking for brand ambassadors, mobile formats, airport advertising or full event screens with production, we are able to deliver beyond expectations with over 30 years of experience behind us.”

For more information on MMG and its core formats, please visit www.mmediagroup.co.uk or email sales@mmediagroup.co.uk

Immaculate launch Xmas Charity Challenge

Watch the movie, make a creation & we’ll make a donation!
immaculate are hoping that you can help make XMAS real for some of those less fortunate this Christmas.

All we ask is that you watch the movie, then post a photo, either using the Upload Button at makexmasreal.com, or onto your own Twitter & Instagram accounts using the hashtag: #makeXMASreal


You can also post pictures onto our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/makeXMASreal Then for every photo posted we will make a £1 donation to the Wooden Spoon charity.*


You can see the Social Media feed at: makexmasreal.com


*Wooden Spoon is a charity that positively transforms the lives of disadvantaged and disabled children, and young people across the UK and Ireland.


See how others have been making XMAS real…

Yorkshire fulfilment company goes ‘Organic’

Teamwork Handling Ltd, the Pocklington based fulfilment company has gained certification from the Soil Association to handle e-commerce orders for organic health supplements. Already licensed for pharmaceutical products and alcohol this accreditation ensures that Teamwork Handling is one of very few, if not the only, fulfilment businesses in the UK offering storage, pick, pack and dispatch of these three specialties.

Organic certification by the Soil Association is not just a box-ticking exercise, fulfilment companies need to satisfy criteria such as staff hygiene regimes, regular and documented facility cleaning schedules, strict processes for goods receipt, methods of accurate stock control and adequate training for all staff.

Teamwork Handling has been based at Allerthorpe Business Park for almost 10 years since moving from Dunnington in 2007. Magnus Roche (Managing Director) said

“We have been licensed by the MHRA to handle all manner of pharmaceutical product for around 20 years now, and with booze and organic capability in place, we’re delighted to be able to offer a full handling solution in all of these areas, it really sets us apart from the norm.”

On the process of gaining Soil Association certification he explained:

“Working to standard operating procedures regularly audited by the MHRA for the last 20 years means that we were well placed to gain Organic accreditation with little additional effort but the Soil Association audit really tests your capabilities.”

The company has developed its own fulfilment software known as THOLOS which allows clients to place orders and manage inventory and sales force usage in real time on this web-based system.

 “THOLOS is very smart but extremely easy to use. Startup businesses can use it simply to place orders and manage stock and larger operations can manage sales teams and control spend as well as accessing full activity and inventory reports 24/7 anywhere they have an internet connection.”

For further information, please contact Magnus Roche on 01759 322400 or log onto www.teamwork-handling.co.uk

Brand Satellite shortlisted for Arts & Business Scotland Awards

Arts & Business Scotland (A&BS) has announced the shortlist for its 30th Annual Awards celebrating excellence in innovative relationships between the cultural and business sectors.

A&BS exists to put business into culture and creativity into business by advocating the value of cross-sectoral partnerships to encourage collaborative working. The charity says this year’s shortlist is one of the most diverse in recent years with a strong emphasis on cultural organisations delivering projects that enable both social and economic benefits for rural and urban communities.

Arts & Business Scotland Chief Executive David Watt said: “This year’s shortlist is a fantastic reflection of the innovation and creativity which exists between the cultural and business sectors, contributing to a thriving and vibrant cultural offering here in Scotland.

“Throughout the judging process what was abundantly clear was the value that cultural organisations bring to both rural and urban communities though their social and economic impacts. It is hugely encouraging therefore to see such a diverse range of businesses demonstrating a willingness to support this activity in Scotland.”

Creative Coathanger Galashiels - The Everything Creative festivalBrand Satellite & Creative Coathanger have been shortlisted in the Business Creativity category.

Business Creativity sponsored by Inksters Solicitors

Launched in 2015, the Business Creativity category recognises a business for taking the lead in establishing and developing partnerships with one or more cultural organisations in order to drive and develop commercial opportunities for both parties which impacts the wider community.




Adamson Design supplies branded kit for Glasgow social enterprise launch



adamson2Adamson Design have supplied branded kit for a Glasgow social enterprise called Help Yourself Grow, which trains young people with learning difficulties to develop skills in Gardening and Cookery.

The project is enthusiastically run by Fair Deal in Castlemilk, the Provost of Glasgow is a supporter of the project and gave a speech at the launch.

Barry Adamson spoke to us after the launch event:

I’m delighted to have supplied this Fair Deal project with HYG-branded aprons, caps, exhibition tablecloths, hi-viz waistcoats, rain-suits and custom portfolios, as well as having designed and printed their flyers, posters and roll-up banners. Please get in touch with me if you need custom branded items for your social enterprise.


PAEM’s 3 golden rules for project planning

paemIn event planning and management, as with any enterprise,
there are many “stakeholders” who can affect your success in achieving the project’s objectives.

It is not enough to create a To Do List for your own actions.
Your plan must take account of everyone involved and accommodate their needs and expectations too.

Making sure that everything goes to plan is a collective responsibility. It is a team effort.

Every project requires integration, synchronisation and co-operation across the organisation.

A focus on these important factors will help to ensure success.

Rule 1. Organisation and delegation are essential
– clear leadership and direction instils confidence

Set out the purpose and objectives of the project and provide
as much relevant information as possible. Getting “buy-in” from the start is important for morale and motivation.

Always precisely define roles and responsibilities for every team player. Avoid confusion before it arises. Ask each individual to check that they fully understand their brief and encourage questions up front.paem2

Stress that it is better to ask for clarification than to keep quiet!

Adopt the mantra of Management by Exception and plan accordingly. Make sure everyone knows that you as leader will delegate tasks and no longer be directly involved, unless a deviation from the plan is considered necessary.

Create clear communication channels and rules for reporting. You need to be kept informed but not deluged with data. Design a team structure and communications protocol so that only the essential stuff will filter up to you. The routine decisions should be taken at the appropriate level as specified.

Rule 2. Time spent planning saves time later
– investment in planning reduces the risk of failure

A thorough specification that includes everything is the ultimate To Do List! As long as you delegate the tasks that others can do, your workload will remain manageable.

As project leader, you must concentrate on the strategy for success, as that is your personal responsibility.

First, though, you must ensure that the action plan covers every detail.

You must be realistic about your resources, to minimise operational risk. Taking on a project when you know there is not the capacity to handle it is just storing up trouble.

However hard it may be, you must resist pressure from your superior (internal manager or external client) and avoid agreeing to something which you know cannot be done. You will always be blamed if it goes wrong and it will be too late then to admit that you had reservations from the start!paem3

Effective planning inevitably includes making provision for “exceptions”. At almost every event there will be guests with special dietary requirements and this is an example of an opportunity to exceed expectations with proactive planning. These guests will have been through many tedious conversations with waiting staff or event managers because their needs have not been properly anticipated.

Providing advance notice to all concerned about exceptions allows them to work with you in finding solutions. That in turn helps to prevent friction and disruption.

Finally, checking and reconfirming each element with the relevant people further reduces the risk of failure. Project planning, for live events or any other activity, relies on mutual understanding and agreement between “stakeholders”, regardless of their level of authority.

Every project team member must have clear and complete information regarding their contribution and how it fits into the overall plan, in order to appreciate the significance of their actions.

Rule 3. Efficiency is not an accident
– close attention to detail is vital in the planning phase

It is your responsibility as project leader to ensure that every team member has adequate training and knowledge to be able to manage their tasks. Cutting wage costs by using lower-graded staff means compromising standards and risking failure.paem4

Issuing clear instructions may seem an obvious requirement, but communication is never as easy as we think.

Making sure the message is fully received and interpreted correctly can help to avoid problems later. It is better than finding out later that correct procedures have not been followed and having to rectify the problem.

Expect the unexpected and you will not be disappointed! However many times you have managed a similar event or project before, there is always a risk that something will occur that is beyond your control. In fact, combining your previous experience with careful research will enable you to be better prepared for the occasions when things do not go entirely according to plan.

Meticulous contingency planning will allow you to deal calmly and quickly with unexpected situations. The impact will be minimised and your aims and objectives achieved as intended.


Win a free campaign with RMP Advertising


Win a free campaign!

RMP Advertising, a communication agency specialised in international campaigns and digital communication is launching a contest for businesses to win a free campaign.

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* The campaign includes one tagline, art direction, an email template, a GIF banner and a full page advert. Advertising space, mailing lists and fulfilment not included. Read the terms and conditions for more details.

Love Creative Marketing Spreads the Sunshine

Love Creative Marketing collaborated with MDS Ideas to promote the city of Fort Lauderdale as a unique holiday destination for Londoners through the creation of the “Hello Sunny” campaign.

As part of an integrated marketing campaign our energetic ambassadors engaged commuters and passers-by in a memorable way by bringing some sun to London during “one of the most depressing times of the year” and offering them a chance to win a free holiday.


The Solution:

Enthusiastic and bubbly brand ambassadors in “Hello Sunny” costumes gave out promotional leaflets and promotional sunglasses in the busy areas of Liverpool Street Station, Southbank, and One New Change shopping centre to commuters and encouraged them to enter the competition to win a free holiday to Fort Lauderdale.


Participants posted pictures of themselves and their flat Sunny on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #HelloSunny. After they posted via their chosen social media account, they then received additional information on the free holiday to Florida.

This generated a huge amount of buzz on social media outlets, and promoted the awareness of Fort Lauderdale as a tropical summer holiday destination.

If you would like to hire in-store product demonstration staff, speak to the experts.


Call 0207 607 2568 or email planning@lovecreativemarketing.com

Fort Lauderdale – Hello Sunny

Ouno design 3D image mapping presentation for GKN Aerospace

Ouno Creative were commissioned to design a high-tech exhibition area within the GKN Pavilion building at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow. The client wanted to showcase multiple messages – their manufacturing capabilities, use of advanced technologies, their global reach and their plans for the future. The challenge was to communicate this wide variety of complex messages to visitors in an engaging and entertaining way.

ounoTo achieve this Ouno employed a range of interactive technologies, including a holoscreen container, a videowall, tablet apps and touchscreens to deliver a high-tech visitor experience within an ‘gallery’ style space.

The main attraction of the Pavilion was the ‘Making Things Fly’ 3D image mapping exhibit. This was a 3 minute audio-visual presentation that ran at regular intervals within in a small theatrette area. Having this ‘theatre’ performance area was an important part of Ouno’s creative concept. By making visitors wait for each showing and then enter a separate darkened viewing space, we delivered a sense of expectation.


From concept to reality

Once Ouno had convinced the client that 3D image-mapping could deliver the ‘wow’ factor they wanted for their Pavilion, we proceeded to plan the animated content to project onto the model. Ouno also produced the script and storyboard for presentation, and designed the theatre area space.

ouno2The next stage was to assemble a team capable of turning our vision into reality. Ouno teamed up with Drive Productions to create the 3D mapping and audio segments. The Drive team worked closely with Ouno and the client to plan the visuals to be used within the animation. Drive then created complex and stunning visual 3D animations that would convey the many clever manufacturing processes and technologies developed by GKN Aerospace.

The projection surface was to be a 5 metre long model aircraft – precision machined and handcrafted from high density foam. Ouno commissioned JH May model makers with this task. They built the model in sections, assembled it onsite and expertly mounted the model so it appeared to float on a wall within a circular theatre environment. This was our ‘blank-canvas’.

The final part of the team was exhibition builder SDD/GES, who built the bespoke Pavilion exhibition area and theatre space working from Ouno’s plan drawings and 3D visualisations.

A complex technical challenge

Using complex multi-layered projection-mapping techniques, the 3D graphics were then overlaid and wrapped on to the contours of the model plane, including the fuselage, the wings, the engine and the tail fins.

Nine projectors were used to cover the complex model with five separate content layers. This allowed the audience to view the aircraft and experience the mapped projections at very close quarters.

A range of eye-catching effects were mapped onto the aircraft which transformed the surfaces into liquid metal, frozen ice, a transparent X-ray effect, a ’Tron’ style wireframe and more. This technique also allowed us to make the aircraft skin transparent so internal wiring, structures and engines could be seen operating.

To complete the immersive environment, innovative sound design was used by Drive to carefully engineer bespoke music, SFX and voiceovers and create perfect audio clarity in an acoustically-challenging space.

Successful delivery and a happy client

A project this ambitious, produced to tight timelines and involving multiple teams is never easy to pull-off, but thanks to great teamwork and a supportive client it proved to be a real winner. It was the only projection-tech experience to be seen at this year’s Farnborough International Air show and was deemed to be a terrific success by all at GKN Aerospace and feedback from visitors was incredibly positive.

Read more about it here.

Design agency Magnetic London’s campaign identity for the Let’s Panda Campaign

In line with the launch of Kung Fu Panda 3, Magnetic were appointed to create a visually-striking campaign for Chinese condiment brand, Lee Kum Kee. Magnetic designed all aspects of the campaign, including the campaign identity, social media posts and promotional material.


Magnetic are a London-based design agency specialising in full campaign design. Their multilingual team of designers develop and create solutions for web design, branding and print design. For this project, Magnetic met all aspects of campaign design needs by combining strategy, creativity and technical ability.

The main design challenge was to balance traditional Chinese elements with the current modern setting. The campaign also had to be launched in the UK, Germany and Netherlands, meaning it had to be created in three different languages. A final design challenge related to the strict and lengthy approval processes set by Lee Kum Kee and Dreamworks. Due to these approval time frames, design elements had to be meticulously planned months in advance, involving diligent multi-tasking and coordination.


As a full-service creative agency, Magnetic were able to manage the whole campaign from start to finish. They provided all necessary services under one roof, from campaign identity and logo design, to social media posts and website design. They even created key visuals to be used in promotional and marketing material such as magazine adverts, tube billboards and supermarket floor stickers.




Whether you need branding consultancy, brochure design, digital marketing solutions, website design or advertising campaigns, Magnetic ensure great design is achievable for anyone. Magnetic help clients engage with their audience, increase exposure and generate sales, through powerful communication strategies and creative campaigns.

To learn more about how London design agency, Magnetic can help with your corporate branding, promotional material or campaign design, get in touch today at  www.magnetic-london.co.uk





Drawn in Ink – on creating Carte D’or Storyboard

The storyboard frames from Carte D’or epitomise what a storyboard should be. Framing is key and time here should be taken. I use minimum line work and rely on colour to show mood in the scenes, a bit like a cinematographer. In film Roger Deakins is an excellent example and has created some fantastic atmosphere through using lighting on the films he’s worked on. I also use a limited colour palette to create harmony through the sequence of frames.


I’m always working to tight deadlines but try to build in time to give myself a break, that way I can re-look at the work with a fresh eye. This gives me a valuable chance to tweak and improve.


A romantic night in with a tub of ice cream. Drawn and coloured over two days.





Design Activity win packaging award for Craft Beers range


Design Activity are proud winners of a silver Pentaward in international packaging and design for their re-design and range extension of Lidl’s craft beer range under the brand Hatherwood.

With over 20 years’ experience in branding, packaging design and shopper marketing, Design Activity, a Bristol based creative agency, last week scooped a prestigeous Pentaward. The Lidl Hatherwood range, designed by Design Activity in 2015, has been awarded a silver Pentaward which was judged by an international jury of 12 highly reputable designers from major companies.

The Lidl range consists of six craft beers, each with a unique flavour and design to match. Following on from the orginal Golden Goose and Ruby Rooster variants, Lidl worked with family-owned businesss Hogs Back Brewery to create a further four animal-themed beers all bursting with flavour and character. The range was launched after the success of Lidl’s Brewery Concept which saw 48 local craft beers launched in different regions around the UK in partnership with Blur bassist and renouned cheese-maker Alex James.  

Judges were impressed by the distinctive illustration of each Hatherwood bottle and the incorporation of a typographic style that elevates the beer’s character and creates a unique personality. The master brewer’s signature and numbering system (from light to dark) also helps to convey the indosyncracies of each drink. The uncoated stock helps support the crafted artisan to feel synonymous with microbrewery craft beers.

Andrew Stroud, Managing Director of Design Activity said: “We are delighted to have received this award for our work on the Lidl Hatherwood range. We were challenged to instill design credentials that epitomised the crafting behind craft beers in order to maximise the individual personalities, and that’s exactly what we delivered!”


Antonio Schiorlin, Head of Department (Buying) at Lidl UK said: “Craft beers have soared in popularity over the last few years and sales at Lidl have been no exception. After the success of our Brewery Concept we worked on expanding our own-label Hatherwood range and are incredibly pleased with the results produced by Design Activity.”


MailMyMail.co.uk launches business office mail at a fraction of the usual cost


A Bristol Based mailing Company has developed and launched MailMyMail.co.uk, a safe and easy way to send business office mail at a fraction of the usual cost.  Whether the requirement is to post 10 items or 10,000 items, Mail My Mail will handle it all for you.

Once you’ve registered and downloaded the print driver, you’re ready to print your documents. Simply select the MMM print driver and options and the documents are sent securely and electronically to us. Mail my Mail prints, folds and inserts your documents into an envelope and all for a little as 39p, including postage! It’s a fantastic service; efficient and incredibly cost effective. Instead of office staff printing off letters, folding and stuffing into an envelope and then fixing a stamp or putting it through a costly franking machine, MMM can do it all for you!” explains business owner Rob Fagnani. “Just click a mouse and we do all the work for you at less than half the cost. “Because we mail more than 10,000 items daily, we achieve Royal Mail discounts which we pass onto our clients. “That’s how we manage to do it so cheaply’.”

MPS, based in Winford, has invested heavily in the service which it says is also extremely secure and can be mail2used by organisations of all sizes for posting letters, invoices, statements, postcards or general communication.

Mail My Mail is already being used by local authorities, housing associations, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes to send out thousands of invoices, statements, contracts and letters, many confidential.The plan now is to roll out this service across Europe so that Continental companies can mail into the UK with only a click of a mouse, and at a fraction of the cost.

Mail My Mail free up businesses from the daily hassle of making sure their mail goes out enabling them to concentrate on their core business Mailing your mail can be done more quickly, cheaply and securely than ever before.

A LinkedIn Health Check – is your profile up to scratch?

1473167799linkedin-profile-checkFrom Regan & Dean

LinkedIn is the most widely used professional network, with a staggering 106 million active users. With this in mind, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for making business contacts and it is one which is used by most recruiters and many direct employers to find suitable candidates. If you are looking for a new role in Events or Marketing, it is important that you give your LinkedIn profile a bit of a health check and make sure it is up to scratch. These are some areas to look into, when it comes to improving your profile.


Looking for work

If you are on the market for work, make sure you update your LinkedIn profile to reflect this. As an enhancement many candidates will put ‘looking for a new challenge’ or will be more specific, such as ‘available for short term event projects.’ This can make you stand out to recruiters, who will instantly know that you are seeking employment.
Of course if you are currently in a role and your current employer doesn’t know you want to leave, an announcement on LinkedIn is not the way to tell them!



It is important to make sure your LinkedIn profile is as up-to-date as possible, with your most recent job and work experience, and your previous work history well set out. You should update it every time you move job or you pick up some relevant skills. The more information you have on your profile, the greater your chance of being found by recruiters.


Recent photo

Whether we like it or not, we change over the years so make sure you keep your LinkedIn photo as current as possible. Potential connections might not recognise you if your photograph is a bit out of date, so aim to upload a fresh one every couple of years.
Use a shot that presents you as you are in the workplace. Photos of you on holiday, at a wedding or downing a cocktail are best kept to other social media channels, not your professional one.


Job description

There is little point  in putting your job title on your profile, without any description. You should put succinct information about your current role and any others, so that recruiters can easily determine if you are suited to the role, and can clearly see your current and previous responsibilities.
Aim to incorporate keywords into your job description, for instance, any systems you have used or particular skills you have. The more detailed your LinkedIn profile is, the better your chances of making an impact with it and the greater the likelihood that you will be found on a search.



LinkedIn offers the opportunity to ask previous and current employers and/or clients for a recommendation and these can make your profile more attractive to recruiters. Recommendations are just like references, albeit a lot shorter, but they can make your profile stand out. If you are looking for a specific job, make sure you have recommendations from a similar role, even if it is voluntary work you have been involved with. You should always aim to update your recommendations as often as possible.


Publish Posts

If your writing skills are good, it is a great idea to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive by publishing some posts. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated. It can just be a simple post about anything  within your profession that interests you.

LinkedIn Pulse is a good place to post longer articles. Think of it as a blog that is hosted on the biggest business network in the world.

Remember, LinkedIn will often be seen by recruiters and potential employers before they meet you or even see your CV, so it’s important it creates a great impression. Lavish as much love on your LinkedIn profile as you would on your CV and make it a habit to keep it up to date.  It’s your shop window to potential employers so ensure it makes the best impact!

Greig Watson on what drives him as a young game developer

I am developing a game based on my own experiences of bullying. The game will be open to everyone however some aspects individuals may find disturbing it is recommended that parents check the game content before allowing their child to play, Even though I’m trying to make it friendly for everyone, the game will consist of various scenarios each of which is based on a type of bullying for example the sample i am currently working on is based on Cyber Bullying. this will hopefully submerge people so they feel like they are that character so everything that happens to that character they feel inside, Without giving too much away there is some major events that happen very quickly, I am hoping if the person playing the game feels like they are the character they will realise the damage bullying does and maybe begin to allow individuals too look at bullying a different way.

The game will be made using a software similar to Scratch which is used in schools, Due to the game only being 2D there is no real graphic needs however after the first version is done depending on feedback I might move on a make it more of a 3D game with more demanding parts.

I am hoping to strike up something with a game development company to make it easy to market the game in a wider variety such as billboards and then maybe use them to help get it distributed onto major game sites such as Addictive Games.

Greig Watson



Top 10 Tips from a Professional Master of Ceremonies

We’ve created a new section in all our regions for Master of Ceremonies.

Professional MC Mark Jones has also given us his Top 10 tips for being an MC and how to make it look easy!

  • Anticipate!  That’s a word that works so well in so many circumstances, as you’ll see. If you’re going to MC / host an event, try and anticipate everything that could possibly happen. For example, if you have to do a Q&A with a well-known personality, a sports star, perhaps, remember that they are out of their comfort zone and not as relaxed or confident as they are out on the pitch. Talk to them beforehand and ask them for any lead-in lines or questions which can set them up to tell their favourite anecdotes or stories. The audience have come to see and hear the sports star and their stories, not the MC’s. Also –important bit here- ask them if there are any topics that they DON’T want to talk about. Maybe a recent bit of scandal or some potential transfer speculation that they could do without being mentioned. In some extreme cases, it might even be subject to sub judice laws. Prison food is not recommended (…so I’m told!)


  • Do your homework (again, ‘anticipate’). Do plenty of research on your subject, more than you’ll actually need or have time for, and don’t take everything on Wikipedia as gospel! I can recall hosting a rather prestigious, black-tie event in London and introducing an eminent and prestigious Peer of the Realm, as ‘Lord *** of Little Hampton’ (not his real title, obviously) and his opening line was: “Oh, you’ve read Wikipedia, have you…?” Thankfully, he was gracious about it and it gave him a new opening story about Wikipedia and how they consistently got his, and many of his titled friends’, details wrong. He actually thanked me afterwards for giving him a new opening anecdote! I believe he still uses that story to this day. But remember, that’s the exception to the rule; you may not be so lucky and get away with it.


  • ALWAYS try and mingle with the guests and make sure you make an appearance in the Green Room and make a point of showing your face to the organisers, the speakers, the sponsors (!) and have a chat with them. Make them feel at ease and comfortable and aware that you are in charge and you have everything under control, prior to what can be, for them, a nerve-racking event, especially if it’s their first time. Check if they need anything that they may have forgotten earlier… and check that there’s always some water and a glass available for each speaker on stage.


  • Get to the venue early and check the sound and lighting equipment well before any guests arrive. It’s not just Pink Floyd who need to do sound checks. Make sure that every corner of the room can hear what you have to say clearly; if you have a (cordless) radio mic., (and make sure it’s UHF and not VHF) go around the room yourself and listen how it sounds for yourself. Listen for any ‘drop out’ areas where the microphone cuts out or doesn’t work clearly. Then, if you do wander round the room whilst speaking / hosting the auction, you know to avoid that part of the room. Also, the Production Company will light you up on stage and make you look a million dollars, but –more importantly for you- can you see your script on the lectern? No? That’s because it’s usually in shadow. Make sure there’s a bright light on the SCRIPT AREA of the lectern, otherwise you may be adlibbing during the event sooner than you anticipated. There’s that word again… and even more fundamentally, check to make sure there’s a lectern in the first place!


  • One regular and easy-to-overlook item is the script itself. Yes, you’ve taken time writing it and re-writing and subsequently editing it to the point where you’re totally confident and proud of its content and message. But (and it’s so much more easy these days with a computer) don’t forget to ALWAYS use a much larger font and DOUBLE SPACING (use at least 1.5 on the ‘Spacing’ option in ‘Paragraph’). Remember, it’s easy to read in the in the daylight and privacy and seclusion of your home or office… but nowhere near as easy in front of several hundred of your peers when you’re amplified and illuminated on a stage. Trust me, it’s worth the additional few pages’ worth of paper and printer ink. And on the subject of scripts, try and learn as much of the text as you can; nothing is more off-putting than a host who is staring intently down at their script and seemingly ignoring their audience. Look up, get your head up, and make eye contact with members of your audience. Make them feel involved.


  • Make sure that the event organiser sends you a definitive running order prior to the event (a few days prior, ideally – NOT when you arrive at the venue on the day) make sure it’s a DEFINITIVE running order too. You’re the one in the spotlight who the audience perceive to be ‘in charge’ and know what’s their talking about. Go through it in your mind; check everything works logistically. It’s that word ‘anticipate’ again. If you have to collect money in for a raffle or for an audience participation-type game, make sure that’s done early on in the proceeding; early enough so that there’s enough time to collect the money in before the event starts. You’d be surprised how many event organisers put the cart before the horse on that old chestnut. And on the subject of ‘knowing what you’re talking about’, check any pronunciations beforehand (again, ‘anticipate’) and if you’re still not sure (you should be at this point) say that name with confidence. And then keep your face straight too …that always works for me (well, usually)!


  • In your opening address, just after the “Good evening, welcome to…” you’ll have needed to check if there are any ‘Rt. Hons’., ‘Sirs’, ‘Lady Farquar-Ponsonby-Smythe’, or MP’s/JP’s/OBE’s/MBE’s; and always check if the Mayor is to be introduced as ‘THE Lord Mayor’, ‘The Mayor’, ‘His Honour, the Mayor’ present. It rarely cheers them up if you get their Official title wrong. Check pronunciation of people’s names; even simple, short names such as ‘Maher’, can be pronounced in so many different ways. And make sure you mention the Sponsors! They have spent a pretty penny supporting the event, so make sure they’re mentioned appropriately from the outset, AND in the ‘Thank You’ / ‘Credits’ and the end of the event. Keep them happy, you’ll keep the organisers (who are paying you) happy and it should be easier to get sponsorship at the next event. Also, and here’s the word ‘anticipate’ again, check with the organiser if there are any dignitaries / famous faces in the crowd who need introducing individually in your opening remarks. And more importantly, check that these people actually want to be introduced. Sometimes they prefer to stay off-radar and simply enjoy themselves at the event on a more informal level.


  • You should already know who you need to introduce –and in which order- for their speeches. Make sure each speaker knows the time allocation (especially politicians!) If they’re going over their allotted time, the MC should discreetly stand in an obvious (the the over-running speaker) position, so that they know that YOU know that they’re over-running. I always hark back to my radio days, the 8am news starts at precisely 8am (not at five minutes past… Chris Evans take note!) Also ask each speaker before going into the event if there’s anything specific they would like added into their intro., as some speakers like something specific mentioned so that they can pick up on it with their opening remark… and then they’re off! (See #2 above.) Check what their Official Title is, and introduce them in this order: “Now, to tell us the latest on his recent trip to *** and its financial ramifications, please welcome the Chief Financial Officer of British Aerospace, Sir Frederick Smith, OBE”. So remember, it’s Topic / Job Title / Company / FULL name. The speaker’s name ALWAYS comes last, as this is used as the cue for lighting, intro music, cameramen… and applause.


  • Ensure that the stage is easily accessible for all your speakers. A small step up the platform is usually provided, but it’s worth checking whether any of the people who may come up to receive an award perhaps, is in a wheelchair or disabled. Avoid any embarrassment and by anticipating (…that word again!) And even in these enlightened ‘PC’ times, ALWAYS help a lady on to the stage. Long frocks and high heels are not conducive to climbing stairs (…I’m told!)


  • Taking everything above into account, by the time you say “Good evening…” all the hard work has been done. In football parlance, if you train and prepare well during the week, the match on Saturday should be easier. It’s the same with events, just less mud and bruises.


Most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF! If you do, your audience will. Obviously the converse applies… if you’re not enjoying yourself, the audience won’t; they have been known to squirm in their seats at an embarrassing host.

NB: not me, obviously… !


Hashtag Printing: The Greatest Marketing Tool You’ve Never Heard Of

elementThere’s recently been a pretty cool development that will give online social media profiles a power boost. A UK brand experience agency have brought harmony to our complex worlds of digital photography, online social media and physical life. A holy trinity of the modern photography age if you will. They have designed and manufactured the UK’s first home grown hashtag printer called the #HASHTAG Mini. What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Hashtag printer’? Well for one, it’s not a printer designed specifically to print images of hashtags. That would be highly impractical and slightly insane. To explain it simply, you snap a photo on your mobile device, then you share it on social media with a chosen unique hashtag, then you print your photograph through the hashtag printer kiosk.

How awesome are photos? The answer is ‘very’. Without them, you would be left with an unclear mental image that fades over time. Something that you can never get back. A bit like dodos, but less birdlike. Photographs have always helped to capture those special life moments; like how excited you were for your first trip to Disneyland, flinging your hat in the air at graduation or kissing the accounts manager at the work Christmas party. Although your colleagues are more than likely to remind you of the last one, even without photographic proof.



Developing photos had always been quite the task until in 1972 Dr Edwin Land first introduced the portable polaroid camera to the world. Polaroids were a groundbreaking invention that gave full control of the photographical process to whoever snapped a photo. Artistic creativity skyrocketed. Development was instant, exciting and people loved the feel of a physical printout they could hold. Eventually digital photography took over and nowadays photos are mostly viewed on screens and archived in digital folders.



Last year an estimated 1 trillion digital photos were taken and almost 80% of them were on mobile devices. Instagram and twitter make up a combined total of nearly 700 million active users. Each day over 70 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram; and over 58 million tweets are shared across the globe. That’s close to 2 thousand social shares a second. If sharing is caring, then society sure as hell cares. We are creating digital content at an unprecedented level; but so often these fond memories end up never to be seen again far down a social media feed or even worse, deep in the dark rotting recesses of internal phone memory. The physical world is a place that can give more meaning and lasting value to printed photos that would have otherwise been lost forever. A place where images of memories can be displayed on the fridge, a pin-board, in a wallet or in an album. A place that escapes the digital world we all seem to be forever trapped in.

Enter the #HASHTAG Mini. A kiosk designed to seamlessly bring together the digital, social and Physical.

Hashtag printing is the greatest new marketing tool you’ve never heard of, but makes so much sense now that you have.


Promotional products best for gaining client loyalty

Research done on behalf of Complete Business Gifts reveals promotional products and corporate gifts exceed print, on-line, direct mail and TV advertising in gaining the best customer loyalty, appreciation and motivation.


  • Promotional gifts make almost six times as many recipients feel appreciated (64%) than the mediums of print (8%), web (8%), direct mail (9%) or TV (11%)


  • Business gifts motivate over twice as many recipients to take action (50.7%) than the mediums of print (9.8%), web (11.2%), direct mail (8.9%) or TV (19.51%)


  • Promotional products invoke loyalty in over three times as many customers (60.1%) than print (8.7%), web (7.9%), direct mail (6.4%) and TV (16.9%)

Team Tactics List Top UK Corporate Events

logo (1)For two decades Team Tactics have been a leading provider of unique corporate team building events and client events in and around London and the UK.  www.teamtactics.co.uk


Incorporating corporate hospitality within your marketing strategy can bring a wealth of benefits for any sized business. With such a variety of events on offer there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes and budget. To give you some idea of what might best suit your company we have a rundown of the top 10 UK corporate hospitality events.

10 – The Golf Open

The world’s best golfers come together for the only major outside the United States (which is also the oldest of the four majors.) If you know your clients or workforce are remotely interested in Golf then you can’t get any better than the open, set in breath-taking countryside.


9  Cowes Week

A favourite with the sailors amongst us but also a fantastic social event. With Cowes week being one of the largest sailing regatta events in the world, a staggering 40 races a day and up to 1000 boats competing, combined with some fantastic entertainment and bars on shore; Cowes can’t help keep you entertained.


8 – Six Nations Rugby

As the name suggests it is six nation, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales competing for the prestige and the championship trophy. With fantastic facilities and a legendary atmosphere the UK venue of Twickenham is ideal for enjoying a memorable day out. You don’t have to be a rugby fan to enjoy this exciting event.


7  RHS Chelsea Flower Show 

Its easier to take a much more leisurely and relaxed approach to this event. Known the world over, this premier flower show sees some of the best in the horticultural world demonstrating their green fingers and displaying some truly impressive horticultural. The event boats approximately 550 exhibitors from show gardens and has every imaginable item to buy for your garden and more.


6  Goodwood Festival of Speed

This event is a truly mind-blowing collection of some of the most iconic cars in motorsport; from historic rally cars to modern day F1 teams. Not only are they there to be admired they are also there to be driven and even more importantly raced. The beautiful location of Goodwood sees a true festival of sound, smell and racing that will leave lasting memories for all attendees.


5  Polo in the Park 

This unique event features highly in the chart because of its unique atmosphere and fantastic location, set within the heart of the city of London. Hurlingham Park hosts this three day event which now in its seventh year and has seen grown in strength year on year. Its not only the largest polo event in Europe but also one of the unmissable events in London’s summer calendar. The format for the polo has been carefully structured to offers easy to follow and entertaining action for the polo novice.


4  Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival is less of a petrol head event than Goodwood’s festival of speed and more a unique social gathering. Encompassing music, racing and fashion of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. From historic flyovers to over 90% of the visitors dressing in period appropriate clothing you really are stepping back in time at this event.


3 – Henley Royal Regatta

This memorable event allows you to relax by the river whilst taking in the exhilarating racing and ambience of this fantastic venue. The event has a whopping 200 plus races set over five days. There’s plenty to see and do including visiting bars, enjoying fantastic food, racing and even has a shopping village for some retail therapy. You will leave having had a thoroughly enjoyable day out.

2 – Cheltenham Festival

This is the premier event of the horse racing season and a fantastic opportunity to wow your clients or employees. With its recent multi million pound redevelopment, the Cheltenham racecourse offers amazing facilities and cracking views over the world’s premier horses competing for some of the most prestigious races. You can’t help enjoy yourself at this unforgettable event.


1  The British Grand Prix

In the top spot is the British Grand Prix. Visitors can’t help be in awe with the roar of the cars, exhilarating racing, and impressive venue and facilities available. These all help to make this a day that will excite and create memories that will stay in the mind of the client or employee for a long time. If you’re looking for a corporate event that will truly be a spectacle, the F1 grand prix definitely will not disappoint.


This chart gives an idea as to some of the many events on offer when looking into corporate hospitality, choosing one that best suits your needs and those attending will offer you the best return and best memories for your clients and business.


Element Build Brand-inspired memories

Element-blog-picIf you’ve chosen a holiday, weekend break or overnight experience for your next prize promotion or incentive, you’ve already made one important step toward a successful outcome. It’s not necessarily about offering something that people can’t organise for themselves – although sometimes the prize has so much ‘wow factor’, they really can’t. It’s the time saved doing it, it’s not having to find that extra bit of cash and, even if they had all that, it’s having everything taken care of by an expert prize winner manager, providing a 24 hour concierge service and a real VIP experience.

Ultimately don’t forget that it’s all coming from you, because your winner won’t. It was you that gave them the ticket to ride, and when they’re sipping Champagne overlooking the Eiffel Tower, enjoying the fruits of a tapas masterclass in Barcelona, or watching the sunset from a Manhattan rooftop – your brand will be right there, leading their experience.

Start trading in this powerful currency and you’ve taken your product and your message a long way into people’s lives. You are giving customers and staff something very special, and laying down the building blocks of association between happiness, good times and your brand.

The photo in the living room serves as a reminder that it was your brand that turned them into winners and gave them a prize experience they will never forget – a short moment in time that buys you some pretty heavyweight loyalty. http://www.element-london.com/


“WOW!” – The Power of Social Media

Sian Thomas – business owner of  the nightclub Linardo in Naoussa on the Greek island of Paros – is testament to the power of social media.  When she created and posted this stunning image to Linardo’s Facebook business page she was quite surprised…

After only a few days the picture had gone viral…

The post has now reached over 400,000 people and shared over 3,500 times.

Sian is hoping to welcome some of those thousands to Linardo this summer.

Ambient’s new approach to experiential marketing

ambient-mchAmbient reveal new agency strategy placing emotion at the heart of creating influential brand experiences.

Experiential agency, Ambient, has this week re-launched their agency with a fresh identity and a new approach to experiential marketing which places the effect of consumer emotions at its heart.

At the nexus of Ambient’s new approach is an emphasis on understanding the part which emotions play in serving as powerful markers of memory and behavioural influence.

To capitalise on this, Ambient has developed a unique planning matrix that draws upon a set of six psychological influencers. In the application of this model, Ambient maximise the effect of emotions evoked by an experience. The benefit in employing this new strategy is to empower brands with the ability to build enduring consumer relationships far more capable of transforming interactions into meaningful action and making brands part of consumers own stories.

This follows recent developments at Ambient which include deeper integration of digital and social media, the launch of a comprehensive social media measurement platform and bespoke technical solutions – embracing the trend towards real-world experiences driving consumer generated content.

The new identity reflects the 3 core services (Experiential & Sampling, Ambient & Disruptive Media and Promotional Staffing) and a uniquely scientific approach to delivering brand experiences.

“At Ambient, we have invested heavily in changing the way we approach experiential marketing in all its forms.

The landscape of marketing opportunities has changed dramatically over the past five years; we continue to innovate and provide the best possible services to our clients.

This stage in Ambient’s journey is reflective of our passion and dedication to our mission to provide the most effective and exciting ways to engage audiences and enable brands to become part of consumers own stories.” – Jonathan Schultz | CEO

Ambient is an award winning agency specialising in experiential marketing, disruptive media stunts, national sampling campaigns and innovative ambient media. Ambient works for a variety of clients and agencies including Zeo, Clinique, Sport Relief, Haribo, Ford, Waitrose, Nike & Red Bull.

Ambient recently won GOLD within the experiential marketing category at the IPM COGS awards.


How EMC Mugs save 50p off your coffee

Did you know that by buying your staff and contacts a travel mug with your design you will be saving them 50p off a coffee?

Let me explain, Starbucks offer a discount on every hot drink for supplying your own mug.  In addition to reducing the environmental impact of paper cup landfill they are also encouraging loyalty and saving the cost of their own packaging production which even in the millions of cups is estimated at 16p including carriage and storage.







For a long time this discount has been set at 25p per hot drink but from the start of April they are stepping up the discount to 50p per drink.

This is an initial trial for 2 months but I would bet that the positive publicity of the decision will be enough to keep it in place on-going.

So what could be a simpler way to reward your clients and staff than to give them the gift of 50p off their morning brew?

If you were to buy 100 of our Conway plus mugs at £3.05 (including a 1 colour print) the cost would be refunded by Starbucks in just over 6 drink purchases and 100 people out there would be walking around with a brightly coloured travel mug with your message or logo printed the whole way round for them and everyone else to see. That’s got to be worth more than a tile advert in the local paper!

It’s an offer that will please both the marketing and finance department!

QUOTE CoffeeCrazy for free set up and (UK mainland) delivery so what you see is what you pay.

Offer valid on all the travel mugs included in the email for orders placed during April 2016, current lead time is 2 weeks from artwork approval. (Prices are ex-VAT).













Conway Plus Travel Mug

450ml double walled classic travel mug.

Now available with outer wall and matching sip cover in 14 bright colours.

Price includes 1 colour print in area 170 x 45mm.

50          100        250        500       1000       2500
£4.15    £3.05    £2.55     £2.30     £2.25      £2.15












Oregon Travel Mug
450ml Double waled stainless steel travel mug with colour coded handle, base and screw top lid with top with sipper slider.

Choice of 8 great colours.

Including 1 colour print in area 170x35mm

50          100        250        500       1000     2500
£4.35    £3.30    £2.85     £2.55    £2.50    £2.40


Hadley Stainless Steel Travel Mug
400ml stainless steel outer and plastic interior travel mug.

Screw on lid with slide cover

Includes 1 colour print in area 170x45mm

50        100       250      500      1000    2500
£4.10   £3.05    £2.65    £2.35    £2.30    £2.25















Metal Take Out Mug
350ml double walled stainless stell take out mug with silicone lid in choice of 9 colours.

Includes 1 colour print in area 170x45mm (round the mug).
50        100        250        500       1000     2500
£6.90   £5.80    £5.10    £5.00    £4.80    £4.45













Grippy Take Out Mug
350ml plastic tumbler with matching slider lid held with silicon ring and coloured rubber grip available in 9 colours.

Includes 1 colour print in area 140x35mm (round the mug).
50        100        250        500       1000     2500
£4.25    £3.15    £2.65    £2.35     £2.30    £2.25

Call the team now
0800 170 7570 or 020 8492 2200
or email sales@emcadgifts.co.uk


Agency Inc shortlisted for a prestigious DRUM award


The DRUM Marketing Awards Judges have selected and shortlisted Agency Inc, the creative marketing specialists based in Somerset House in Central London, for Sports Marketing Strategy of the Year.

The chosen campaign was developed and delivered by Agency Inc for Rugby World Cup 2015 Official Hospitality, an integrated marketing strategy involving advertising, digital marketing, content, experiential, and direct marketing. Individual strands of the campaign generated incredible returns on investment of up to 32:1

The winners will be announced at a black tie awards ceremony to be held at the Park Plaza in London in May.

For further information visit www.agencyinc.co.uk

Social media offer from Vantage PR

Long-standing MCH advertiser Vantage PR knows the value of social media and what it could do for you. Why not take them up on their fantastic offer..


logo (1)Here at Vantage we believe that social media plays an important role in a successful B2B PR and marketing campaign. As we know that some businesses are yet to get themselves digitally connected, we are offering one month free social media management to help them kick start their online PR campaigns for both new and existing profiles.


Our team of social media gurus will devise a social media strategy tailored to your individual company, with business objectives paramount in our minds.


How will we do this?


Account set up


Here at Vantage we understand that the first stage of a successful social media campaign is having an impressive profile to give your visitors, customers or clients a great first impression. We can help you create a profile that will stand out within your market and more importantly against competitors. We will spend time targeting suitable followers and interacting with them to ensure they are aware of your new profile, products and any deals or services you are currently offering.



Effective content management



With social media, it is inevitable that content is key, especially as you may only have 140 characters to get your message across. Our passion for creating engaging news and case studies for our clients ensures that we are never short of content for Twitter, Facebook or other platform posts. Content will not only raise your company’s awareness but will attract new visitors to your site and inform them of all your latest news and projects. Great content will also encourage vital interaction between a company and potential customers.


If you would like to enhance your company’s social media profile then get in touch with a member of our team today by emailing pr@vantage.uk.com.

Purpose Works: new implementation and production service

To better support their clients through the whole brand building lifecycle, Purpose have established
a new implementation and Purpose_Worksproduction service: Purpose Works.

Based in Bletchley Park, lower overheads enable them to provide a highly cost-effective service without compromising the on the quality and standards that Purpose are known for. 

With direct transport links from both London and Birmingham, the new Purpose Works studio will be opening in February 2016 and will be based at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes – home to the code breaking machine, created by Alan Turing during World War 2. Once Britain’s best kept secret, Bletchley Park is now a much loved heritage site with a Science and Innovation Centre at its heart.

If you would like to know more about Purpose Works or feel they could help you with any implementation or production services, please contact Terry Carrington on terry@purpose.co.uk or call 01908 889 732. 

2cheeseburgers create a series of spectacular ‘Awards Evening’ 3D visuals

It’s all about the location. Well, clearly not all… but it certainly helps to choose a dramatic venue for a major event.

The location in this instance was London’s fabulous Roundhouse event space. And the brief given to 2cheeseburgers was to create a series of spectacular ‘Awards Evening’ 3D visuals for a client based in the Midlands region of the UK. Depicting two different concepts, the visuals were intended to show the complex interior, as well as the stage and set in situ, and a plethora of moving lights, projections, lasers, 3 metre LED displays.

Simply Crackers – Promotion Pulls In The Crowds

liverpool one 2 crackers
The festive feel was certainly in the air – as Liverpool ONE Shopping Centre ordered 7 thousand promotional crackers all filled with vouchers from various retailers within the shopping centre – these ranged from money-off vouchers  to a free holiday!

vouchers L1

This seasonal promotion got shoppers in the mood for spending and the vouchers within the crackers really were an early Christmas gift – to entice customer’s spending during the Christmas period and attract customer to certain shops.






Purpose Design the Royal Mail Yearbook

This week sees the launch of the Royal Mail Special Stamps Yearbook 2015.

The limited edition 64-page book, designed by Purpose, celebrates the people and personalities behind the significant historical or cultural anniversaries featured within the Special Stamps series over the past year.

The key challenge was unifying the 14 different subject areas – from kings to comedians, architects to inventors, free-thinkers to fictional characters – to create a strong creative thread throughout. Purpose took inspiration from the iconic profile of the Queen’s head featured on all British stamp designs.

On definitive stamps, the Queen’s head remains as the single, central image, while pictorial special stamps use a small silhouette in the top corner, creating a strong association between stamps and profiles. This became the foundation for our creative approach which helped to link the various subject areas and content throughout the book.

Each chapter opens with a large profile portrait of a person or character closely associated with the topic and supported with a wealth of illustrations and commentary from an established expert in the field.

The Yearbook includes all of the past year’s Special Stamps and is available to buy now from the Royal Mail website – http://shop.royalmail.com/christmas-2015/2015-year-book-/invt/20150465