For most organisations it makes total sense to focus on digital channels, but print still has an important role to fulfil in building your brand and engaging with your customers. In a world where we’re bombarded with hundreds of email newsletters every week there’s nothing quite like giving someone a printed brochure or receiving a personal mailing.  It’s why fashion houses, car manufacturers and luxury brands still heavily invest in brochures, magazines and direct mail.

Make someone feel special

Receiving high quality print feels like someone has taken the time and effort to get in touch and they’re talking to you personally. It’s tactile too. You can experience the quality of the paper on your hands, browse through the photographs and illustrations. And you can take it anywhere without having to worry if your batteries are going to run out!

Tell a story

Like reading a book, print works best when you tell a story.  That’s something that’s hard to do on a website or on social media where there are often too many distractions. Well-crafted print gives your customers the opportunity to spend time with your brand in the office or at home and get to understand what you are all about without the pressure of a hard sell.

Readers absorb information better

Studies* on students in the US showed that although they preferred to read information digitally and felt they understood more, when compared to a group who studied using print sources, the overall comprehension of the students using print was significantly better.  If you think about it, that’s not surprising.  You can easily re-read and flick back a page, or highlight text in print.

New technology.  New possibilities

Thanks to new printing technology, high quality print is no longer a big budget item. You can achieve superb results on only small print runs using different bindings and paper finishes to create a truly professional product.

Content is king

To get the most out of your print, great content and good design are essential. That’s where we come in.  We can help you tell your story in a way that engages your customers with design that reflects your brand.  We’ll also help you integrate it with your other online and digital content to deliver a powerful campaign.


Andrew Hempleman

* Reading on Paper and Digitally: What the Past Decades of Empirical Research Reveal 
Lauren M. Singer, Patricia A. Alexander   University of Maryland. First published July 21, 2017