“I don’t want to ruin my videos by appearing as ‘salesy’ at the end.”

Hands up if you agree with this sentiment.

Well, it’s confession time: I used to think exactly like that but… it doesn’t work.

Why not?

Let’s backtrack a moment and look at why we have videos on our website and social media properties.

There are two important points here:

First of all, like all good stories, our videos have a purpose, and they also need a resolution. I’ve dealt with the purpose of our stories in another video and blog post. Here, I’ll focus on the resolution of the story.

The second point is, our viewers come to us because they have a problem, and we have the solution to their problem.

But how can we help them solve their problems if they don’t get in touch with us?

The question now becomes:

How can we get our viewers to get in touch with us?

The answer is: We have to TELL THEM TO DO IT!

That is the Call to Action. And this Call to Action is at the same time the resolution of our story.

The Call to Action is not about selling. The Call to Action is about helping our viewers to make up their minds to find out more about the solutions that we provide that can solve their problems.

It is a fact of life that more often than not people need encouragement and frequently not just a little coaxing to actually make up their minds to help themselves. That is what the Call to Action is all about.

There are so many videos that provide great information and really valuable content by people who are excellent at helping resolve their audience’s problems. But most of them tend to forget the two most important elements that bring the purpose of these videos to fruition: namely, to tell the viewer to get in touch and how to get in touch.

The Golden Rule is: TELL THEM!

Tell them in detail what to do and when. Just say it:

  • “Put your name and telephone number into the box below now!”
  • “Call me on this number now!”

And once you told them, don’t take your information away immediately. Leave Your contact details, leave your Call to Action on the screen and let it linger.

How many videos have you seen where telephone number and email address disappear after only a few seconds?

No one bothers to rewind a video just to get this information again. Let it linger, let it stay on the screen for people to have enough time to note down your contact details.

Yes, this is one of those examples where Attention to Detail is hugely important.

In a nutshell: Don’t make it difficult for your viewers to get in touch with you and become your clients. HELP THEM!

That is the purpose of the Call to Action. And it is also a prime example why I keep stressing the importance of Attention to Detail.


This is at the core of my A-Z of Video for Professional Services:

Providing you with the information that empowers you to connect and build trust with your online audience; that helps you get your message right and get it out there with the most powerful online tools available; that helps you come across as a Trusted Advisor on your website and on your social media properties.



This article was first published on the VideoMagnets.co.uk blog.



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