What is WIIFM?

  1. Is it a Non-Governmental Organisation?
  2. Is it a radio station?
  3. Is it a new game for the Wii?

Well, it is none of these.

Being charitable, radio station would probably come closest because WIIFM defines the wavelength on which we have to broadcast our message if we want to be heard at all, if we want it to be received by our audience.

WIIFM stands for What’s In It For Me.

Why do we have to broadcast on this wavelength?

It is a simple fact of life that no one is interested in you or me and what we have to say. Everybody always only wants to know what we can do for them.

If we don’t broadcast on this wavelength, people will click away faster than you can think.

That’s why WIIFM is so important.

What does WIIFM do for us?

WIIFM is at the core of all of our messages, be they spoken or written:

  • It informs the purpose of our message to our audience.
  • And it gives our message shape.
  • It focuses your expertise on our target audience.
  • It defines our viewer’s user experience.

Without it, we might as well not bother.

That’s it.  WIIFM. What’s in it for me?

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This article was first published on the VideoMagnets.co.uk blog.