I am developing a game based on my own experiences of bullying. The game will be open to everyone however some aspects individuals may find disturbing it is recommended that parents check the game content before allowing their child to play, Even though I’m trying to make it friendly for everyone, the game will consist of various scenarios each of which is based on a type of bullying for example the sample i am currently working on is based on Cyber Bullying. this will hopefully submerge people so they feel like they are that character so everything that happens to that character they feel inside, Without giving too much away there is some major events that happen very quickly, I am hoping if the person playing the game feels like they are the character they will realise the damage bullying does and maybe begin to allow individuals too look at bullying a different way.

The game will be made using a software similar to Scratch which is used in schools, Due to the game only being 2D there is no real graphic needs however after the first version is done depending on feedback I might move on a make it more of a 3D game with more demanding parts.

I am hoping to strike up something with a game development company to make it easy to market the game in a wider variety such as billboards and then maybe use them to help get it distributed onto major game sites such as Addictive Games.

Greig Watson