Steve Langlois of Drawn in Ink –

It was interesting working on the film ‘The Leap’ along side director Karel van Bellingen. In advertising I usually complete 8-12 detailed colour frames per day, whereas working closely with a film director I produce about 40 frames in the same time. The former help sell an idea to a client. The latter are used to get through a busy day’s shooting schedule, helping remind the director of his vision and to aid the actors and camera crews achieve the required shots.

I enjoy both disciplines as I get to work in two ways; firstly creating detailed, specific, colour visuals and secondly developing looser drawings, but with precise angles and camera crops.

Premier of ‘The Leap’ A short Syfi film set in London 2084. Steve Langlois worked as production storyboard artist with Director Karel van Bellingen. Below are 4 of the frames used for the shoot.